What is the “game mode” of TVs? Understanding Game Improvements TVs

Smart TVs are becoming more and more sophisticated and offer features that can optimize the user experience – game mode is one of them. With game-oriented technology, players with PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X / S and other consoles have improved their games with more liquid images with less noise. However, not all TVs on the market offer this feature, so it is important to know about the major brands and models. Samsung and LG are best known for this mode.

For those who enjoy highly impressive gaming, choosing smart TVs with this configuration can be a good option. Therefore, see the article that TechTudo Made with the advantages of TVs with game mode.

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Game mode TVs can optimize users’ game – Photo: Disclosure / LG

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Game mode is a feature that optimizes the TV image during the game. To do this, companies are developing technologies that reduce input latency, which reduces TV interference with control actions. In addition, a special feature for games can also improve the refresh rate and make scenes more fluid, with more compelling movements.

This means that the game characters respond more instantly to the player’s commands. In game mode, the player still has reduced screen noise and less grainy scenes to help you during matches. For high resolution games and very detailed scenarios, this can be a good investment.

Game mode can reduce input delays during matches – Photo: Disclosure / TCL

As the name implies, the game mode is suitable for games. Users who enjoy video games and want very high image quality during matches should use this feature to optimize the experience. However, the mode can be selected at other times as well, for example during football matches or movies and series.

If you want to use it in other situations, evaluate whether the image type is close to the games. Scenes with great movement, dark colors and which require more clarity can take advantage of the game mode. However, suspended movies and TV series rarely experience any change.

When is game mode not recommended?

There are no contraindications in game mode. Users can choose a feature when they think it’s a good idea. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the image, because not every scene that goes on the screen requires an improvement in the refresh rate or a reduction in noise.

At a time when this type of optimization is not required, the image may be fake. For example, scenes with less noise in TV series give the impression that the environment is very artificial. These and other cases need attention: it may not be worthwhile to activate the game mode.

For video game lovers, Samsung TV automatically activates the game mode when recognizing the console connection – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

Which TVs offer game mode?

Not all companies in the Brazilian market offer game mode. This is because in addition to the fact that smart TVs take even longer to develop, this technology also increases the cost of selling in retail stores. It is important to carefully observe the features of each model and evaluate whether it is equipped with this feature.

Currently, the brands that invest the most in gaming mode are Samsung and LG, but other companies such as Philips, TCL and Panasonic join this list. It is worth to evaluate the cheapest prices on the market and see which TV fits your requirement.

It is important to evaluate which is the best TV model in game mode – Photo: Disclosure / Samsung

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