What is the correct chronological order to play Royal Hearts?

In April, when Royal Hearts IV Announced during the franchise’s 20th anniversary event, fans went into a frenzy, with many already thinking about doing a marathon of the heavy game to memorize the entire story before the new title arrives.

However, with two decades of history, 13 games available on different platforms, and several compilations, it can be difficult to know where to start with this Zeratina, and with that in mind, we decided to explain the chronological order to make life easier for everyone. For those who want to review – or even start – about this long saga Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios. Check it out below:

How is Kingdom Hearts played in chronological order?

As mentioned above, this Master of the Key Blade adventure is quite extensive, the first games introduced Sora and his loyal companions and later opened up the range with more heroes, in addition to explaining several events that happened long before the boy was born. born

So sticking to the release order can make things a little more chaotic, switching between the present and the past and bringing in so much information that we sometimes feel the need to keep a notebook on the side so we don’t forget important details or names.

So, for those who don’t want to miss out, here is the list of games and their remastered versions in chronological order:

1. Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road

Source: Square Enix

Available for Android and iOS in 2020, it is a collection of two games – dark road and Connection XOriginally released in 2013. Although the online mode has ended, it is still possible to enjoy the story of both games.

2. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep/Final Mix

Source: Square Enix

Sleep birth It takes place 10 years before Sora’s Adventures, which was released exclusively for the PSP in 2010, but is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC via the Collection. Royal Hearts – History so far.

3. The birth of royal hearts in sleep 0.2: fragmentary passage

Source: Square Enix

epilogue of Sleep birth and prologue Royal Hearts IIIAlso available in new collection.

4. Royal Hearts/Final Mix

Source: Square Enix

The beginning of the journey of Sora, Donald and Goofy. version The final mix It is already a part of other collections, the most relevant The story so far.

5. Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories / Re: Chain of Memories

Source: Square Enix

A continuation of the first number game that takes place simultaneously 358/2 days. version Re: Chain of Memories It is also part of the latest collection released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

6. Royal Hearts 358/2 days

Source: Square Enix

After Roxas’s life, this title was originally published Nintendo DSJoins the new compilation with remastered scenes.

7. Royal Hearts 2/Final Mix

Source: Square Enix

to continue royal hearts and A chain of memoriesShows Sora and his companions fighting the forces of darkness. your version The final mix was addedThe story so far.

8. Royal Hearts Coded/Re: Coded

Source: Square Enix

with strong connections Sleep birthThis game was originally released for mobile devices, included in the new collection of the series.

9. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Source: Square Enix

Released in 2012 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, this chapter in the saga royal hearts It found its way to other console players through franchise collections such as The story so far.

10. Royal Hearts 3

Source: Square Enix

After the events that happened Dream Drop distanceThe third numerical game in the series follows Sora’s struggle to stop a terrible war and also the end of another important journey.

11. Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind DLC

Source: Square Enix

Featuring a story that takes place during the climax Royal Hearts IIIReMind shows the determined hero’s efforts to save Kairi before the final battle.

12. Royal Hearts: Melody of Memory

Source: Square Enix

A rhythm title in the franchise, with 140 songs and five game modes, the plot consists mainly of the series synopsis, as a young Kairi explores his memories after the events of ReMind, looking for clues to Sora’s whereabouts.

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