What is Assassin’s Creed Infinity?

As part of Ubisoft Forward, it was said that Assassin’s Creed Infinity This is the “hub” that will connect future games in the series. IGN spoke with project leader Marc-Alexis Côté and got new details.

Assassin’s Creed Infinity It will be home to different games of different genres and durations. It combines the premium games we’re used to with paid and free content. There will be a multiplayer mode that will bring together the eras of the franchise. And this will be the place where modern history Assassin’s Creed will live now.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed Infinity is basically Animus as a launcher

Infinity Not a substitute for traditional games Assassin’s Creed. It is a platform that hosts past and future versions Assassin’s Creed, starting with Codename Red, an RPG set in Japan that will arrive sometime in the future. This full-priced single-player open-world RPG will be purchased like any other Assassin’s Creed.

“You can buy absolutely [Codename Red] as a product,” confirms Cote, vice president and executive producer Assassin’s Creed. “But the first thing you’ll see [ao inicializar] and Infinity [hub] Which makes it coherent. But you can also buy [segundo jogo do Infinity] Hexes separately. This is how we imagine the events today. So it’s still the same games we’ve been building, but combined into a hub Infinity. And obviously if you’re in the hub Infinity By playing Red, you’ll see the Hexe come down and become available as a memory that you can explore.”

Then Infinity This is a kind of launcher. But instead of displaying games as a library-like collection, Infinity will use the Animus interface. New games in the series will appear as DNA memories instead of games. Côté points out that we have to wait Infinity Be more than just a themed launcher Assassin’s Creed And that it evolves over time.

“Then [Infinity] It won’t start out as a game,” says Côté. “Version Infinity That we publish will not be the final version Infinity. This is something that will develop over time as our experiences grow and we can connect them more. So I think it opens up a world of possibilities for what we can do that goes beyond just our different game launchers. “

Code name red and hex

Codename Red is an RPG in the same style as Origin, Odyssey and ValhallaBut Codename Hexe marks the beginning of a different era for the series.

“What I can confirm to you is that [Hexe] It’s not an RPG,” Cote says. “When I say it’s a different kind of game, I want people to exceed their expectations Origin, Odyssey and Valhalla. They’re all iterations of our RPG designs, right? But Hexe and Red go their separate ways. “

“I think this approach Infinity It also allows us to have different experiences of different sizes,” he adds. Not everything has to be a 150 hour RPG, right? Bringing more variety to the places we choose to visit and how we choose to represent those periods. “

“Sometimes you also get free experience, which I think is a great way to bring players back.”

Assassin’s Creed Infinity It doesn’t have a date yet and will be released on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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