What is an indie game?  By Pedro Zambarda

What is an indie game? By Pedro Zambarda

Pedro Zambarda, Editor-in-Chief of Games Drops.

The topic of debate over its true meaning, independent games (indie) gained momentum in the early 1990s with the rise of video games for computers – it expanded into the 2000s. They represent decades of electronic games that have been influential since the rise of such companies. As Nintendo.

What made Indians unique since their inception was the success they achieved without a major publisher. To understand the origin of the word, the term gained its strength from punk rock and inspired independent rock music, which originated in 1977, using the basics of chords and the do-it-yourself philosophy.

The 2000s opened up space for developers to abandon streamlined products to create their own brands and titles with even greater intensity – and this has grown thanks to the Internet and mobility.

Mobile games have exploded since 2007 following the popularization of smartphones and Apple iPhones. From stores like the App Store and Google Play, developers became their own authors, giving interest from 30% to 40% to large distributors.

Meanwhile, the Steam gaming store was launched in 2003 with the success of Counter-Strike by Valve and has received outsourced games since 2005. These were the same Indians for computers that were growing in the 21st century with the logic of a similar market for mobile devices.

In January 2012, the documentary Indie Game: A Film, directed by James Swirski and Lisana Pajot, was released, which helped further popularize the term. While problematic as it relates only to the small world of independent people made up of privileged men and whites, the material points to a different business format from the so-called large industry.


1 – Elden Ring, Review. By Pedro Zambarda

2 – Horizon Forbidden West, Review. By Pedro Zambarda

What is an indie game?  By Pedro Zambarda

Indie games. Photo: Reproduction / Showmetech

With three short stories – Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, who created Super Meat Boy; Jonathan Blow, who created Braid; In addition to Phil Fish, developed by Fez by Polytron, the documentary explores the independent marketplace and how it gained momentum in front of well-known large companies such as Microsoft and at prestigious conferences such as the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in the United Kingdom. States.

The Brazilian market is essentially made up of independent developers, a few of whom have a more solid international partnership. Swordtales and his Thorne got help from incentive laws. Duaik Entretenimento works with Microsoft ID @ Xbox.

Is the case of Horizon Chase, from Aquiris, which has captured international prestige and sales with nostalgia. Celeste, starring the Brazilian, won The Game Awards (TGA), the “Games Oscar”.

Did you like the discussion about the term? Businessman Maurizio Allegreti, editor of Indústria de Jogos (IDJ), filmed a video on these issues. Check it out below and find out what an indie game is.

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