What if Duke Nukem Forever was a prettier game?

The gaming industry is littered with stories of failures, games that disappointed fans by delivering far below expectations. Pinpointing the title that disappoints the most is a very difficult task, but if we try, Duke Nukem forever Many people should remember.

Credit: Disclosure / Gearbox Software

The title announced in 1997 would be a continuation of the recognized one Duke Nukem 3DBut what caused great expectations among fans, eventually entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest game in development.

From a few engine changes to the chaos that became project management, the months turned into years and the rights to Duke Nukem forever They changed hands several times before deriding the game as a mere steamroller. The situation became so critical that in 2009 3D Realms chose to cancel development.

“O DNF It’s the game that broke the 3D realm and ultimately led to the sale of the company to investors in Denmark,” explained studio co-founder Scott Miller. “While he likes games Max Payne and the price kept the company DNF It was a constant waste of money for the company and ultimately killed the original 3D Realms/Apogee.”

Shortly after the comment, 3D Realms’ other founder, George Broussard He went on Twitter Reject the ex-partner, accusing him of being a narcissistic, manipulative entity and unable to admit his mistakes. According to Broussard, who would invest $20 to $30 million in the project, it was Miller’s actions that caused them to lose both the franchise and the company.

But regardless of who is right in this story, if anyone is right, the fact is that with so many wrongdoings, it will be very difficult Duke Nukem forever manages to live up to expectations. So when the game finally hit stores on June 14th, 2011, the inevitable happened: to the embarrassment of the media and the public, the return of Lori’s character was a fiasco!

Criticisms ranged from the story to the simplistic, uninspired and dated mechanics, fans continued to complain about the cheesy humor and graphics that were far below what was available at the time. The only solution to most of these problems would be to redo the entire campaign, but when it comes to the visuals, one would think that Gearbox Software could have delivered a much better product.

Credit: Disclosure / Gearbox Software

Who raised this possibility by a group of moderators who, while searching the archives Duke Nukem forever, discovered a hidden level editor in the publicly available version of the game. Since only the front end of the program was removed, they were able to restore it and this allowed various tools and effects to be reactivated.

What no one expected was that until a certain point in development the game had a much more advanced lighting and shading system than what we experienced. Perhaps removed to launch the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, such lighting could have made the final version much more beautiful.

“The main difference in the game’s graphics is its advanced lighting system,” Vinicius Medeiros told PCGamesN. “The lighting system is very responsive. It’s in the game, except the developers set most of the objects so that they don’t cast shadows. There are scenes in which there are still shadows, but they are not fully utilized.

Adding to the suspicion of a PC version sacrifice is the fact that, by default, any object added to the scene casts a shadow. What didn’t show the feature was manual deactivation done by developer professionals.

You can find it on the Twitter account of the mod Some comparisons Running between games as available and with dynamic shadows enabled. Also, the video posted by Vinicius Medeiros, probably those who stared at the Gears title with their mouths hanging open, didn’t have that level of visual quality after all.

Now Vinicius’ plan is to work on a modification that will save this lighting effect and become a visual part. Duke Nukem forever become much better. It is work that will take time, but according to him, “The modding scene for this game has just begun.

Even knowing that plastic surgery wouldn’t be enough to change the minds of those who hated it DNF, it will be interesting to see what these people can do with the game. What I keep thinking about is how the reception of the title could have been different if it had been presented at a graphical quality that exceeded what was available at the time. Even with that decision, Duke seems to have suffered.

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