What changes to the game with the Dragonflight expansion?

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after the visit shadowlandsIt’s time to explore a story full of dragons the flight of the dragonNinth extension World of Warcraft. Bringing new maps, new races and classes, amazing mounts and countless cosmetic items, this MMORPG addition promises a great adventure. But what exactly is changing in Dragonflight? Prepare your dragon and come to me and I will explain!

What is Dragonflight all about?

Azeroth’s dragonflights were summoned to protect it Dragon Islands, places steeped in elemental magic and brimming with the life force of Azeroth, awakened once more. Now inside the flight of the dragonWe invite you to explore the wonders of these primeval lands, discover long-forgotten secrets, and all that has been added to the game.

second Holly LongdaleVice President and Executive Producer of World of Warcraft, the Dragonflight expansion is designed to bring back the beauty of Azeroth and the heroes we love so much.

“Dragonflight was created with our incredible community in mind and the desire to rediscover what we love most: the brilliance of Azeroth and its characters, with the heroes of our players.” said. “We invite everyone to join us on this new adventure where we will explore the land of dragons, become part of their ancestral heritage and see the secrets of these lands.”

What are the Dragon Islands?

on Dragon Islands They are the home of the dragon flights of Azeroth. then The great divide, the magic of the place was exhausted and this ancient land lay dormant. Awakening now causes this environment to become charged with power, but also causes old threats to return Azeroth.

In total, there will be five new areas that will be added to the World of Warcraft map. Designed to be a memorable experience for both new players and veterans alike.

Be a dragon knight!

There are countless combinations of Drake

How about flying a dragon to explore this mysterious island? expansion the flight of the dragon informs the expert Dragonariawhich allows the player to fly to the back of A Draco of the Dragon Islands. The little creature is customizable, has millions of different visual combinations, and can decide its attributes – whether you want more height, durability or speed on your mount.

To make it even more interesting, when you find Ancestral Glyphs, you can advance up the skill tree and gain access to special moves as you get stronger. Additionally, by winning Dragon Isles challenges, the player can find more customization options for their Draco.

Conjurer Dractyr, a new race and class in World of Warcraft

Dractyr Casters are coming

With this expansion, the rich world of World of Warcraft gets a new playable race: Dractyr. Awakened from a long slumber, they arrive who can transform and use two different forms – which can be the player’s personalities. The first is humanoid, cautious and designed to be almost imperceptible to them; The second is their fearsome dragon form, which manifests when they encounter their enemies or try to overcome challenges in their path.

Freed from the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, the Draktir can make their own way on Azeroth. In other words, it’s up to you whether these fierce creatures will use their power for the Horde or the Alliance!

having a unique class rebels, you can specialize in two different types of magic: one focused on damage and one focused on support. who walks the road Destruction, will be able to fight at medium distances, using claws and fire breath to destroy enemies. who chooses the path ConservationHowever, they will have access to the life-giving magic of renewal, being able to strengthen, heal, and aid allies.

Another interesting point Dractyr Spellcasters is that they can enhance their abilities through magic. In practice, this means you can charge up your attacks and use them when you feel most appropriate, maximizing the effect of your action.

New dungeons

Dragonflight will bring many challenges to players

Dungeon and Raid fans can rejoice! the flight of the dragon upon arrival Eight new dungeons: Four of them you can explore with your friends to reach level 70, the new World of Warcraft cap; The other four are for more experienced players.

In the dungeons, players will be able to have an adventure Neltharus, House of the Black Dragon; Fight to protect the red dragonflight Ruby Life WellsOr just wander the wards Uldaman: The Weeping Legacy Being there is in danger.

The first raid of the new expansion is also already planned. Chamber of Incarnates, the ancestral castle of embodied primordials who wield evil power that can threaten dragon aspects. The raid will be available on December 13th, with all difficulty levels unlocked to prove your mettle in this new challenge.

Game updates

The new game interface will have many customization options

the flight of the dragon Contains updates to the WOW gameplay system, including the biggest overhaul of the talent system, an improved interface, a new crafting system, and a new in-game profession.

The new WoW interface has been completely redesigned to allow players to customize their screen like never before. Now it will be possible to move and Adjust HUD and UI components So that everything is according to your wishes.

To give players more freedom of choice, A new talent system It has two different talent trees. Now, upon leveling up, the player will receive points that can be invested to unlock more spells and abilities Class talent treeOr use them to enhance your talents specialization treeImproves its role as a tank, damage or support.

This allows you to play your class the way you want, creating unique combos that accomplish exactly what you want. This variety proves that the power is in the hands of the players and that they can choose any path.

Check out what the new talent system will look like:

O Updated professions system It is also considered to become part of the players’ identity.

It was one of the added components creation orders, for a player to ask another player to craft something – if he doesn’t have the skill or profession needed to craft the item. After collecting all the resources needed for your recipe, you can decide if your order is open to the public, making it possible for anyone to receive an order, whether for your guild or a specific player. It should be noted that items created this way can now be Soul Linked.

The extension also restores Quality for things Crafted and collected reagents, which in practice means that the higher the quality, the better the item. This equates to higher levels or stronger effects.

The profession system has been revised!

In Dragonflight, it will be possible to earn specialization points – which lead to higher quality items – in a very different way. Actions like finding an ancient book in ruins or talking to hermits in caves will give you more knowledge about your profession.

Craft tables for all trades will be available at the City Terminal Valdraken, stimulating the meeting of artisans and the resulting exchanges. In addition, players will receive a new type of equipment for their profession, which will not take up space in the backpack and will have special attributes that will help them in their crafting.

Learn more about these updates on the official website.

Pre-sale is now available

World of Warcraft: the flight of the dragon It is now available for pre-sale. In total, there are three different purchase options: Basic Edition, Heroic Edition and Epic edition. Each edition contains special items and features.

buys Basic editionyou won dragonsA pet that will guide you in quests.

THE heroic edition Includes Drakks, a new mascot MurxstraszaUpgrading the character to Dragonflight level (level 60) and Tangled DreamweaverNew Flying Mt.

finally, Epic edition Gives you all the items from the Base and Heroic editions except Time Walker’s Return StoneO Spelling Diademwhich is the transmogrification of wings of awakeningwhich is a transmogrification for the back (available in 5 different colors) and a WoW 30-day subscription.

So, are you ready for WoW’s ninth expansion?

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight It will be released today November 28. Learn more about the expansion on the official website.


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