We tested Street Fighter 6, the next title in Capcom’s fighting franchise, at BGS.

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Street Fighter 6 is the next title in the Capcom franchise, and while it doesn’t have a confirmed release date, it’s looking closer and closer to its release. Not only did the game recently have a closed beta test, but it was one of the unreleased titles featured in the 2022 edition. Brazilian game show.

THE Legion of Heroes We had a chance to check out the game firsthand at both previews, and we’ll tell you more about the experience later in this article.

A new identity

The super colorful style is one of the things that attracts attention in the new game. (Reproduction: Capcom)

Anyone who has looked at the game’s leaked material so far has already noticed that the sixth title in the franchise is investing. A very different visual identity of his predecessors. A new game is marked Strong and bright colorsAmong them in some coups, which contributes to A Very interesting appearance – But that’s not all that has changed to create a new identity for the game.

The first thing that becomes obvious is that Street Fighter 6 is full of personalityand tries to present himself as a A more modern aesthetic than its predecessors. Updated visuals of classic characters such as Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken They emphasize this, but also contribute to their characterization, whether it’s the fighter’s more classic Chinese-inspired attire or Ken’s “unapproachable” appearance that still sets him apart from Ryu.

THE soundtrack There is another outstanding element in this regard. Instead of simply using iconic songs, the game creates a new soundtrack a Significant influence of hip-hop, rapIn addition to using tools and influences from each fighter’s country.

In general, inspiration “street culture” is what stands out the most, be it the soundtrack or the visuals. O Graphite has a strong presence in general and in specific moments (such as through a new fighter, Kimberly). O The climate is much more urbanBut all this was postponed without a page Origin and inspiration from the base franchise.

A game for veterans and beginners

The new game promises to find a middle ground for veterans and newcomers alike. (Reproduction: Capcom)

In general, fighting games are notorious for not being very beginner-friendly, which causes many people to get frustrated and give up on certain games. This is even more remarkable when it comes to very traditional franchises, as it happens Street Fighter. however this time capcom brought a solution to the problem through him modern control.

Speaking as someone who doesn’t have much exposure to the genre and who thought Street Fighter 5 is very difficult, the experience was completely different with the new game. In practice, what modern controls do is Simplify the number of buttons Needed to play. This means that the player has less control over which specific attack is used, not being able to choose a hard hit or a strong kick, for example. At the same time, it reduces the number of buttons and management required for those who do not know the game.

The quality of expressions is also marked and appears when matches are loaded. (Reproduction: Capcom)

Special attacks are also now located on a specific button that varies depending on the direction of the movement analog – something very similar to the system used Super Smash Bros.. That way, you don’t have to remember complicated sequences or execute commands in exact order to get things done. The coolest attacks.

Another gameplay element that helps newbies is that leading counter, a new bar that allows the use of “Drive Impact”. In addition to powerful attacks, this bar, when full, allows the player to use it to steal (block and meter) without the need to measure the exact time of the opponent’s attackthereby consuming the bar.

Less precise controls may be a disadvantage for older players, but for beginners These are very welcome changes. It’s easier to just pick up the game and actually play, which creates everything more fun – Even when you meet that friend who plays well, I can say from experience. It improves the new Street Fighter more inclusive For those who have difficulty with the genre, controls or any general issue that makes it difficult to follow the exact commands that allow Many more people benefit Everything the game has to offer.

The verdict based on a preliminary review is this Street Fighter 6 It promises to welcome new and returning players with open arms, honoring its traditional base and modernizing everything from the visuals to the controls. In a franchise with a long history Fresh air is welcome, mainly because it manages to bring in interesting elements and explore a new path without denying its roots. For fighting fans, the game promises Unreleased — but for those who are not in touch with the type of game, it also promises to be big gate for the franchise.

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