Watch the first trailer for Dead Space

The game promises to preserve the essence of the series in an even more realistic and terrifying environment.

EA Motive released this Tuesday (4). The first official gameplay trailer for the reboot of the Dead Space series. In it, we can see the interior of the giant Ishimura spaceship, the scene of a terrifying adventure filled with creatures that seem to have come straight out of the development team’s worst nightmares.

in the game Players will play the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, part of USG Kellion’s maintenance ship team. In response to Ishimura’s plea for help, he embarks on his mission, believing that he can only help save the ship, but soon discovers that Your work tools must be transformed into a weapon that will guarantee your survival.

According to Electronic Arts, Dead Space will remain true to the vision of the creators of the original versionBut there will be a fully restored gameplay in the Frostbite engine, which Take advantage of the power of the latest consoles. “Players will also find themselves learning more about USG Ishimura this time around as they bring the story to life with newly added narrative elements.“- they promise us in the company.

Dead Space promises a real living nightmare

The developer also promises this The game will bring even more intense horror elements than seen in the original Dead Space. The player’s motivation to face this nightmare alive will be to rescue Nicole, protagonist Isaac’s fiancee, who may be one of the last remaining crew members in the attack that destroyed the Ishimura.

The reboot marks its debut Peeling system, allowing for greater strategy and creativity when it comes to picking off the necromorphs that appear along the way. already system Director of Intensity will assess the player’s stress level and his ability to play, Dynamic adjustment of difficulty and number of encounters.

completion, EA Motive ensures that Isaac Clarke will stop being a silent hero And you’ll find Ishimura with redesigned designs and areas that are fully connected to each other. With confirmed versions for this PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PrachaDead Space will hit stores on January 27, 2023.

The creators of the Callisto protocol aren't afraid of dead space comparisons

The creators of the Callisto protocol aren’t afraid to compare dead space
“The game wasn’t designed to be Dead Space 4,” he says


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