Warner’s best fighting game memes

MultiVersus, a Super Smash Bros.-style fighting game. Warner Bros. is open beta and free to play on all platforms. Because of the great actors and the spread in various areas of pop culture, the community already has a lot of memes. See the prepared list here Enemy with the best.

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To refresh your memory, MultiVersus is a fighting game that features characters from various franchises, from animations like Finn and Jake from Adventure Time to series like Game of Thrones and even movies like Space Jam starring LeBron James.

With that in mind, it’s expected that some of the characters’ movements will refer to their memorable moments in the real world. See below where James’ attacks came from, for example:

In the game, LeBron can throw the ball into the opponent’s head, which is actually very similar to this situation:

The Battle Pass is also filled with a variety of content, each more spectacular than the other, which really makes players who buy it feel like:

However, MultiVersus is not all about joy. Bugs Bunny is one of those who suffer (and a lot) from defeat. look:

Finally, the displeasure of the public already eagerly awaiting the announcement of the live-action MultiVersus movie is listed:

Interested in MultiVersus? The game is available for free on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. See all about the game and how to download it.


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