Warner Bros. Reveals 28 costumes for the four heroes of Gotham Knights

There are many different styles of clothing.

One of the features we expect in superhero games is the variety of outfits that the main character can wear. The four heroes of Gotham Knights will have several of them. Developers of Warner Bros. Games in Montreal Featuring 28 different costumes for Robin, Batgirl, Little Red Riding Hood and Nightwing.

Speaking to IGN, the game’s producers talked about the process of creating different outfits for each character. These costumes will be divided into those that have unique abilities and those that are just skins.

Warner had artists from around the world participate in the process. “We knew we wanted to create this range of clothes with lots of different looks. So I think we had an approach that was very unique to this project. We started with our in-house team, but we also looked for a lot. Artists who had a style that matched what That’s what we were looking for,” said character art director Jay Evans.

“We mainly searched the Internet, different websites, different portfolios of people, different social networks. We found these artists, we contacted them, and then we found that we had artists from Germany, France, Korea, Japan, the US, all involved in generating ideas. for these costumes,” adds the director.

The costumes will be designed by Jim Lee

Some of the costumes were created by Jim Lee himself, the iconic artist when it comes to creating the Batman universe. Jianli Wu, another character director, says the designer entered the production by accident.

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“At that point, most of the clothes were already designed, but we were talking about the style that was being developed and that Jim Lee was interested and involved in the process. So from our point of view, it was very interesting because Jim Lee is a very famous artist, I loved his work as a child.”

The costumes, created by the legendary designer, harken back to the old style of Batman comics. “Also, these outfits are very classic, so we love them. Then we studied all these different styles of clothing and it (from Jim Lee) is really in the past, a lot of players will like it. They,” Wu said.

Gotham Knights will have no microtransactions, this has already been guaranteed by Warner, so all costumes will be unlockable, or at least almost all of them. Two of them, Beyond and KnightWatch, are part of the game’s Deluxe and Collector’s Editions.

The title will be released on October 25th for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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Source: IGN


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