Voxel Doom: New mode adds fully 3D monsters and weapons

The mod gives a new dimension to the models of weapons, monsters and items

Although it set many of the rules that 3D games still follow today, The original Doom had most of its elements built in 2D. With this in mind, modder Daniel Weinerson decided to “update” the game and change the original models of enemies and weapons. Equivalent versions are made in voxels – volumetric pixels.

The result is Voxel Doom, version 1.0 of which became available to the general public this Wednesday (17). According to the modder, the new models replace all of them in the original game, but Do not change the behavior of opponents, puzzles or item placementwhich also received higher volume versions.

The result is an experience that is very faithful to the original game while adapting it to the most current industry standards. By receiving 3D models, The game finally allows you to see your opponents from different anglesWithout them as “2D cards” when mouse camera control is disabled.

Voxel Doom will be ported to other games in the series

Weinerson announces that version 1.0 is being released Just the first phase of a more ambitious plan. He is already working with Doom and Quake modder Nash Muhande to bring voluminous models Doom 2 and making scenery changes as well as offering more detailed enemies, especially when they move diagonally.

It has a new modification You can download it absolutely free via the ModDB website and has full compatibility with the latest version of GZDoom. To install the mod, just download some of it over 6 MB and then unzip your files into the main game folder.

Although released in December 1993, Doom remains a game with a very active community, the target of both modifications and unusual adaptations. This week, a hacker showed that the title can even run on a tractor if the conditions are met.


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