Videos of GTA 6 have been leaked online, featuring a female protagonist [rumor]

In the early hours of this Sunday (18), the internet was stunned A few videos of a tentative initial development build GTA 6, featuring a Latin hero and woman robbing a diner and character rolls. If they are real, the content is the first leak of a game that has been heavily rumored so far.

Although it is still rumours, there are many insiders sharing the material and there are few contrary elements. In addition to the videos, there are photos showing a subway station and a nightclub, but both images show a male character who could just be a test model or Jason, a variant seen in the first footage that could indicate the game. with two heroes. Check:

We already know that the following GTA (It is possible GTA 6, as the franchise continues to number) is in production and has already been officially confirmed by Rockstar, but this will be the first time any specific material from the game has surfaced online. Leaks have already talked about a female and Latin American hero, which may have been confirmed by videos leaked online.

Additionally, the video hints at new mechanics and locations: the police car says VCPD, which could be from the Vice City Police Department, hinting that the franchise could return to Vice City, as well as systems that show gameplay elements as new. Ways to steal money from every person.

It should be emphasized that the information has not been officially released and these may be fake videos. But if they’re real, they’re still very early in development, lacking textures and mechanics — and, interestingly, already have lines of dialogue recorded.

GTA 6 No release date or platforms announced yet. So do you think the video could be real?

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