Video shows what Bloodborne Remaster will look like for PS5 and PC in 4K and 60 FPS

There are many cool ideas on the internet but there is nothing from Sony to comment on this

Bloodborne, FromSoftware’s PlayStation 4 Exclusive Title to date, is one of Sony’s most sought-after exclusive games for PC gamers. While Sony is silent, even about the PS5 version, The fans are doing what they can. Channel ElAnalistaDeBits Made artificial intelligence boost simulation and leaves Bloodborne at 4K and 60FPS.

The channel is well known, it spins and moves we show comparisons of games derived from it. This time, the channel recorded the overall gameplay on the PS4 and used the dedicated hardware to improve the artificial intelligence. “Various visual improvements were made to create this video using editing software, artificial intelligence enhancement and other techniques,” the channel explains.

Bloodborne remasterne through upscaling is quite compelling

Initially, Bloodborne operates at 30 FPS and does not run at a constant frame rate drop on the base PS4. In this simulation, the “remaster” is 60 FPS, which is obvious when watching video, especially when comparing similar side-by-side.

In addition, the PS4 game runs at 1080p and is scaled up to 4K. “For better results, the resolution was increased to 8K and then reduced (downsamp). This will increase the sharpening sensation in 4K with less alloying,” the channel describes.

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To further improve the result, further processing was applied in anti-alloying, color correction and the number of chromatic aberrations was reduced.

No video introduction required. The increase in detail, near or far, the better colors and, above all, 60 FPS are quite sharp. Despite all this work, you can see a lot of alliances in the updated version as well. The channel is not FromSoftware, you can not claim a miracle.

Bloodborne is considered to be one of the best exclusives on PS4. Maybe Sony took this into account when releasing a remake of the PS5 demon soul, similar to FromSoftware’s first soul rather than the PlayStation’s exclusive IP.

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From Fans to Fans: Bloodborne PSX is now available for PC

From Fans to Fans: Bloodborne PSX is now available for PC
Demake does not bring the full game, but he spends a few hours with great nostalgia


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Source: ElAnalistaDeBits


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