VALVE’s portable console now has huge game compatibility

One of the biggest concerns of people who want to buy a steam deck, or for those who already have one, is game compatibility. If you are one of them, don’t worry. The device already has Compatibility with more than 5 thousand games.

Steam Deck: VALVE’s portable console is already compatible with over 5,000 games – Image: Disclosure | back

Steam Deck is Linux

The launch of Steam Deck marked the gaming world for several reasons, but the most important was its choice. operating system (you).

Unlike many similar devices on the market, Valve chose to use a system based on the Linux kernel, which is very different from Windows, which most games are designed for. This also means that most of the games you’re familiar with won’t work on Steam Deck.

But in order to develop your own operating system, SteamOS, VALVE develops a Software Known years ago Proton. Compatibility layer for installing and running Windows applications on Linux.

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Proton, developed with help CodeWeavers, The company that works in this field is in constant development and is responsible for easily running games created for Windows on Steam Deck.

Steam Deck now supports over 5,000 games

With each Proton update, more and more games can be installed on the handheld, and to keep track of this, the company offers a page where users can see what’s already running and what’s not.

Go to the official page steam deck You can navigate to the “Approved Decks” section, which only marks games that run smoothly on the device.

which at the moment already exceeds 5 thousand. And contrary to what many people think, it’s not just indie games or moba. The list has a very large number of great games such as Spider-Man: Remastered, Ring of Elden, GTA V and Cyberpunk 2077.

Additionally, the list continues to grow, adding both newly released games and older titles on Steam.

Recently approved page on Steam Deck
Recently approved page on Steam Deck – Image: Playback / Steam Deck

Game compatibility check

To celebrate your games, VALVE divides titles into 4 categories: approved, Playable, incompatible and Unknown.

Find out how it works:

  • Approved: Games already tested and working well on Steam Deck;
  • Playable: Games that have already been tested and are working, but require manual adjustments;
  • incompatible with: The games have already been tested and do not work;
  • Unknown: The games have not been tested yet.

To be marked as “approved”, a game must have full compatibility with console controls, support 1280×800 or 1280×720 resolution, be browser-based, and all of its components must work correctly in Steam Deck.

Reaching 5,000 titles is a very important milestone for the platform and its users, but the company assures that this is just the beginning.

“Oh, another big milestone – we’ve just passed 5,000 tested and played titles on the Steam Deck! There’s a lot more to come (so many games on Steam), but I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate! 🎉”

It’s important to remember that this number represents less than 10% of all games on Steam, even though it’s an absurd number, and you probably won’t be able to play even half of them.

You can check the list of all the games that are already running on Proton at this link!

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