Valve wants to streamline Steam’s game recommendation system

The company has launched a new experiment that completely changes the list of store finds

To make it easier to discover titles in Steam’s extensive catalog, Valve has announced that it’s Experimenting with ways to optimize the platform’s discovery list. Company Experiment 014 intends to present information on the specified titles more directly, Prevents players from getting confused by the amount of data displayed on the screen.

According to the company, so far 115 million players have already used the current version of the discovery listtotal 18 billion views on game pages. With the change, the company wants to further increase those numbers and allow even faster navigation through its catalog.

Among the news prepared by Valve Ability to check offers without leaving the page And find out why a particular title was added to the auto-recommendation list. When a new system is used, Players can easily add interesting games to their wishlist.

Valve wants to make the system easier to use

According to the owner of Steam, there are changes in the list of recommendations By expanding the platforms your store is available on – which includes the Steam Deck. “For the list of findings, we concluded that a new approach to how it works is needed to make it easier to navigate across devices and provide a better overall experience.“- the company explains.

A new system Still in testing phase And there is no guarantee that it will become a platform standard in the future. The news is currently a part Steam laboratoryA series of experiments that Valve often creates to test new solutions and test their acceptance in the community.

– Continues after commercial –

Anyone interested in checking out the new discovery list format Now you can do it by accessing this link and clicking the button “Open a list of new discoveries — You must be logged into your Steam account for the system to work. So far the company It will not set an end date for the experiment Or explained when it will decide whether it will become the default for the platform.


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Source: PC Gamer, Valve


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