Valve says it has doubled its supply of Steam Deck to buyers

The company confirmed that it had made a big leap in the productivity of its production lines

Valve announced this Monday (27) that it has Double the number of Steam Deck units you send to buyers. According to the company, this is the result Accelerate the process of laptop productionWhich is expected to start fulfilling customer orders in the third quarter of 2023 on June 30th.

While Valve has been able to fulfill its customer orders, Demand for the Steam Deck still far exceeds the number of distributed units. As a result, it is not uncommon to sell device units for more than the price required by the company on sites such as eBay.

Speeding up the production process should help reduce this problem to a minimum, but still There is no indication when Steam Deck can be purchased without prior reservation. Before sending new batches of devices, the company sends a confirmation email to customers who have applied for a purchase, who must respond within 72 hours.

Steam Deck is still in high demand

Even before its official release, The Steam Deck remained at the top Top selling products on Steam, When the organization is done with the amount generated. Brings the most basic version of the device 64 GB internal memory and costs $ 399And a more complete version, with 512 GB and screen with anti-reflective glass starts at $ 649.

Despite rapid progress, It seems that the distribution of the device is uneven in different areas. According to Reddit users, UK buyers are only now getting the 512 GB models they ordered in July 2021.

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Not everything in Steam Deck history has been positive: Recently, Valve has revealed that it has postponed the official base indefinitely due to distribution problems. This week, the company also went public and asked users not to make any changes that would allow them to install a larger M.2 SSD because This may damage the device hardware..


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Source: The Verge


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