Valve says all Steam Decks will already be reserved for 2022

Users can continue to reserve Steam Deck items

THE Valve announced today (29) on its official website that all customers who have already booked steam deck To date, they will receive the product in 2022. The announcement also comes with the news that several issues that hampered the company’s portable device production and delivery have been resolved and more steam deck is produced.

Customers who have made reservations will have their shipping estimates updated in their profiles, the company said. Steam: We’ve updated the ratings today and everyone in line will receive an email to purchase a Steam Deck before the end of the year. Many bookings for “Q4” or “after Q4” were meant for “Q3 (July-September)”. All others have a reliable estimate of “Q4 (Oct-Dec)”.

“From now on, new bookings will have an estimated Q4, but as the queue grows, the assessment of new bookings may move to the next quarter. To see your booking assessment, log into Steam and follow this link” continued the company statement.

Valve warns that the Steam Deck may close if used at very high temperatures

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Since its launch on February 25 of this year, steam deck Continues with this reservation system, sending product to customers as new units are produced.

message Valve Ended by emphasizing the ability to deliver devices: “We’re excited to have the steam deck in your hands sooner than expected. It’s been great to see all the positive feedback, impressions, and awesome things you’ve done with Steam Decks. We can’t wait for even more in the coming months.”

It should be noted that the product is not officially sold in Brazil.

I liked knowing that Valve manages to advance the shipment steam deck? Want it available in Brazil? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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