Valve Reveals Its Steam Promotion Dates; The next one will be held in November

The company is changing the calendar of promotional events

Valve has announced changes to Steam’s upcoming promotions, the most important of which “Moon New Year promotion” exit. In addition, the company Revealed the dates of the upcoming events For the PC player to prepare his wallet.

The Lunar New Year promotion will be replaced by the autumn promotion. There will now be “Four Major Seasonal Promotions”, one for each season. Although there is no mention of winter among the upcoming events (perhaps because we are now out of it), the following events will be:

Upcoming seasonal promotions dates

  • Spring sale: from November 22 to 29
  • New Year promotion: from December 22 to January 5
  • Autumn promotion: from March 16 to 23

“Adding this promotion has been a frequent request from our developer and publisher community. It will allow for a wider gap between our four main seasonal promotions and give more opportunities throughout the year for developers to expand the discount calendar,” he said. to the vent.

Valve explains the removal of the Lunar New Year promotion from its calendar

The statement said the Lunar New Year promotion was launched in 2016 to celebrate the influx of game developers and users from areas such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and South Korea, countries that have since advanced greatly in game development.

In Asia, the Lunar New Year is celebrated on January 22nd, which brings Steam’s Lunar New Year and New Year’s promotional events very close together. So Valve has made a change that will go into effect next year.

“We believe many publishers will continue to offer discounts around the Lunar New Year using the custom discount tool. But we believe customers would be better served with a slightly longer break between Steam’s big seasonal promotions,” explains the Steam owner. Steam. .

So PC gamers, take note: Steam’s next big promo event starts on November 22nd and runs until November 29th. Update your wish list on the platform.

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