Valve responds to Team Fortress 2 fans with a promise to fight bots

The developer says he is aware of the ongoing protests in recent days

After a two-year wave of fan complaints and protests, ranging from the activation of popular websites to the cancellation of the hashtag. # savetf2 On Twitter, Valve has made a public comment on the current state of Team Fortress 2. In a message posted on Twitter, the company said it is paying attention to the demands of the public and knows how much it values ​​the game to date.

TF2 Society, you hear me! We love this game and we know you will love it too. We see how big this problem is and we are working to improve the situation“- It is said in the official profile of the game. Despite this, The company has not yet announced what measures it intends to take To improve the condition of the experiment.

The main current complaint from Team Fortress 2 players is that Their servers are invaded by bots that act like real “killer machines”.. With quick reflexes and extremely accurate targeting, they make it almost impossible for human players to enjoy FPS.

The game remains without updates from 2020

A message posted by Valve notes For the first time since July 2020, the official profiles of the game have been activated on social networks. The latest major update to TF2 was released by the developer in 2017 and since then it has kept its servers open, without much care and attention from them.

Despite this, Team Fortress 2 continues to have a very strong fan community and the game consistently ranks among the 10 most played titles on Steam.. The game is known for bringing a diverse and well-balanced selection of characters, as well as offering access to a large number of maps and mods, which further increases the variety of its gameplay.

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Players start a campaign for Valve to deal with Team Fortress 2 bots
The public thinks that gambling is not allowed today

We can only wait for Valve’s promises to turn into actions that will improve the condition of the servers and end the current dominance of bots. The developer is known for the delay in responding to fan requests and the opaque processes of its creation. Which can lead to long periods of waiting for news.


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