Valve has released a new Steam mobile app

After months of testing, Valve has finally released a new version of the Steam mobile app with support for iOS and Android systems. Since August, some users have been able to try the app in beta mode.


According to Valve, the new Steam app gets a new structure and a modernized design. The developer claims that the app has also received new features such as the ability to log in using a QR code. The new method uses two-factor authentication credentials stored on the mobile phone to verify the user’s identity.

“We’ve rebuilt the Steam app from the ground up, with new technology, a new design, and new features.” You’ll still be able to browse the store, get a Steam Guard code, and verify trades, but now the app offers PC login via QR code, smarter notifications, customizable tabs, and a new library page with remote downloads. Valve on Steam’s official website.

Accessing the Steam app via QR code will display a confirmation page with some details of the attempt, including a map with the geographic location of the device being used. The model allows the user to approve or deny an attempt to access the application.

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If the user still prefers to use a username and password to access the app, the system will also ask to accept or deny the login. Additionally, you can check the devices associated with the account on the “Authorized Devices” page.

In addition, the new version of the Steam app brings new features to the platform’s store, with customizable notifications for sales, trades, friend requests and other categories. Valve is also working on enabling the QR code in the Steam Deck and adding an authorized devices page to the browser.

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