Valve begins beta testing Steam’s new smartphone app

Interested users can now get the new version on Android or iOS

Valve announced last Wednesday (24) that it had launched The first beta tests of the new version of the Steam mobile application. According to the company, the solution has been updated from the ground up to offer users a more modern design and access to additional features that already exist when accessing the store from a desktop or browser.

The company says they decided to start the tests as a way Get player feedback ASAP. “It helps us test our theories, understand what we like and don’t like, and what needs to be fixed.“, explains Valve, which already offers to download the new version for both iOS by how much Android.

For those who want to check out the new mobile version of Steam now You must join the Steam Mobile App group And follow the installation instructions there — click here to access it. The company says it will make availability available on a limited basis, so don’t be surprised if you’re blocked by invitations when you try to sign up.

Tests of the new app will be more limited on iOS

Valve has also clarified this The testing phase should be more limited on iOSThanks to the limitations of the Testflight system used by Apple. as only total 10,000 people can access the software made available by the platformThis means that the company has no way to operate with a number above this limit.

We’ve got access to a new version of the store that brings a A tab system that facilitates access to stock lists and personalized news for each user. However, the biggest innovation introduced is the ability to authenticate to enter the store using QR codeswhich appear as an additional option to the authentication codes used so far.

The developer says it will collect user usage data and continue to make more changes to the mobile app as it sees fit. He explains that too New improvements will be made before the release of the final versionBut it did not release a forecast for when that might happen.

This is Valve has made the first major change to the mobile version of Steam After a long time focused on improving the desktop store. It recently introduced an easier way to redeem free content, etc Advanced control supportwhich included the Nintendo Joy-Cons in the list of compatible accessories.

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