Valkyrie Elysium: When the PC Master Race Was Lost

From releasing games of questionable quality to abandoning Western studios to betting on blockchain, Square Enix is ​​one of the giants that has come under fire in recent years. However, if there’s one thing the Japanese publisher seems to have gotten right, it’s the inevitable survival of such beloved RPGs, be it through remakes/remasters like Live A Live, Romancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered, Dragon Quest III III HD-2D remake and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunionif not unprecedented Valkyrie Elysium.

Credit: Publicity/Square Enix

The fifth chapter in the series born on PlayStation Valkyrie profile, Valkyrie Elysium It was announced in March of this year and surprised many people. Aside from the mobile title, which was released in 2016 and discontinued after four years, the series has been somewhat forgotten by the Japanese publisher, but its return will not be the only point of attention.

With a new chapter abandoning turn-based combat and becoming an action RPG, most purists may not like the change, but for a large portion of the community, it’s a necessary evolution. It remained to be seen how the battles would work, and the new trailer released by Square Enix served to satisfy that curiosity.

To be honest, what was shown Valkyrie Elysium So far it’s not too different from what’s been done in Japanese RPGs lately. I hope I’m wrong, but I get the impression that a game developed by the folks at Soleil lacks more personality.

Anyway… another piece of news, this one that everyone should be celebrating, is that the franchise will be making its first appearance on PC. By selling the title through Steam on the platform, he even got a page there, where the price of R$ 249.90 for the regular version (R$ 279.90 Deluxe), in addition to which we can see the confirmation of the count. Subtitled in Portuguese, it is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022.

It is by observing the information given there that we can reach two important pieces of information. The first is that whoever is going to play Valkyrie Elysium PC will have to wait a little longer, as it will be released on September 29th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Given the exclusive windows many games have on consoles, I believe these weeks won’t be much to complain about, but what we’ll get on PC is a different story. The problem is that when it comes to Sony consoles, anyone who buys the Deluxe Edition will get a digital copy of it. Valkyrie Profile: LennethIt will grace us on PCs, believe me… an amazing special sword!

I don’t know if the decision was made because the PlayStation manufacturer paid for this version Lenette (which may come out on PC later) or if Sony owns the rights to the game. However, as it was released in 2018 for tablets and smartphones, this does not seem to be a problem.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth runs on mobile (Credit: Disclosure/Square Enix)

Anyway, it’s sad to see such a cool (and important) extra like this only given to those who buy the game on one platform or another. And I think that if I were to do it, it would be on a computer Valkyrie Elysium I only had the standard edition because calling the other one deluxe is insulting.

But is there really a reason for such an apology? ok Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a remaster of the first game that Square released for the PSP in 2006, making several improvements over the first game. For those looking to purchase the Deluxe Edition on PS4/PS5, it will certainly be great to play this title for the first time and on a console.

Even if the price of this vitamin edition is quite salty, after all it will cost R$ 374.50 (normally R$ 299.90), finding a copy of the game for the PSP has become a difficult task, since they cost little. fate Even in the App Store, the title is far from cheap, costing us R$ 99.90.

Despite all that, it’s a shame we missed out on the opportunity to get access to the game Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on the computer. In addition to greatly expanding the audience it will meet, this is a platform where the price can drop significantly over time. This scenario may change in the future, but for now, PC gamers have reason to complain.

Source: Game informer

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