Valkyrie Elysium: New Trailer September 29 PT-BR Subtitles Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth on Digital Deluxe

After yesterday’s leak, Square Enix has officially announced Valkyrie Elysium PS4 and PS5 will be released on September 29. The PC version via Steam will arrive a little later: November 11th.

Check out the new trailer below. Check pre-order details now.

It’s worth noting that the Digital Deluxe Edition offers access to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, originally a PSP title. It’s likely that such a game will also be offered via PS Plus Deluxe, given that it will also be sold separately.

Update: Another important point is that the game’s Steam page indicates that we will have Brazilian Portuguese texts.


Pre-order VALKYRIE ELYSIUM Digital Standard Edition and get the Valkyrie outfit “Alscir: Sword of the God of Light”!
*This booking bonus may be sold separately at a later date.

This product entitles you to download the PS4 digital version and the PS5 digital version of this game.

The newest game in the VALKYRIE series is finally here! This action RPG combines the series’ classic systems with Einherjar and combos, allowing players to enjoy fast-paced, three-dimensional combat. The game’s unique art style expresses a collapsing world on the brink of Ragnarok, with series veteran Motoi Sakuraba returning to enrich the game with an unforgettable soundtrack.

◆ History
Long time ago,
Ragnarok—the end of time—was sailing across the realms.
All Father Odin used the last of his strength to create Valkyrie, an emissary of redemption with one mission: to save the doomed world.

◆ High-speed action RPG
Fly across the battlefield with ease and perform high-speed actions with the new Soul Chain system. Use the wide variety of skills and abilities at Valkyrie’s disposal to unleash devastating combos.

Summon the Einherjar—powerful warrior spirits chosen by the Valkyries—to aid in battle!

Summoning an Einherjar grants Valkyrie elemental bonuses, giving players a tactical advantage in battle.

◆Combo system and divine art
The “Art Gauge” fills up as players perform continuous flights of attacks and continue combos.
Using the arts meter allows Valkyrie to perform powerful special techniques called Divine Arts.

◆ Enhancement and customization features
Upgrade your weapons, abilities, and Einherjar/Divine Arts combos to suit your playstyle.


Pre-order VALKYRIE ELYSIUM Digital Deluxe Edition and get the Valkyrie outfit “Alscir: Sword of the God of Light”!
Plus, the Digital Deluxe Edition offers early access 72 hours before launch!
*This booking bonus may be sold separately at a later date.

Digital Deluxe Edition Contents:
-Valkyrie Equipment “”Svartaljr: Sword of the Underworld Goddess””

*The digital version of “VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH” is an adapted version of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) game. Also sold separately.

Valkyrie Elysium

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