Updates on Fortnite purchases, cancellations and social settings

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Today we released Fortnite update v.21.51 which improves in-game purchases, cancellation system, social settings, parental controls and player reporting system.

New purchase and cancellation features

  • Extension of purchase cancellation period: You can now cancel in-game cosmetic purchases made with V-Bucks while equipping the item in a match or within 24 hours of purchase. During this cancellation period, you will also see a notice of this policy when equipping purchased cosmetics, in the match entry queue, or during a match.

Canceling Portuguese Brazil Fortnite purchase

  • Save your payment information: When entering a new payment method, a yes or no question will now appear to save the data. Previously, the option to save information was done by selecting a checkbox on the page.

  • The return policy has been updated: We have made changes to our return policy to accommodate certain non-fraudulent situations that may result in a refund. A chargeback occurs when an unauthorized transaction is reported to the bank and then reversed.

    Visit our cancellations and returns page to learn more about requesting a refund directly from Epic.

Updates on social settings, player reporting and rule enforcement

  • Additional privacy settings for chat: You can choose to voice chat with “Everyone”, “Friends and Companions”, “Friends Only” or “Nobody”. You can also choose which of these settings will be available in the game through parental controls.

Set up Portuguese Brazil voice chat

  • Parental Controls: The in-game Parental Controls option has been moved to the lobby main menu. We’ve also introduced a setting that allows the game to require a parental control PIN so that a child can send or receive friend requests.

Portuguese Brazil computer pin

  • Default settings for players under 18: Players who indicate they are under 18 will now see some settings changed to maximum privacy. By default, chat will be set to ‘nobody’, player profile details will be hidden, groups will be set to ‘invitation only’ and personalized recommendations will be disabled. Players under the age of 16 will also have the adult language filter turned on by default.

    If your settings change, you will be notified and given the opportunity to change your account settings, except as limited by parental controls.

  • New ways to combat bad behavior: We introduced a ban that only affects social functions (using chat, adding friends, etc.) to combat inappropriate behavior.

Thanks for playing Fortnite! Learn more about v.21.51 by visiting our Battle Royale v.21.51 post.

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