Up to 80% discount on Steam for PC Resident Evil series games

Some franchise games come out for only Rs 9.99

Franchise Resident Evil Gives capcom Is one of the most successful franchises in the horror genre, originally launched from scratch ᲡGame stationThe series has already undergone major changes in gameplay and brought many scary adventures to the players.

Now, franchise and genre lovers can take advantage of all the discounts Resident Evil At Pracha On the platform Steam Until June 12, because capcom Put all the games in the franchise offer.

The discount reaches up to 80% of the original value At prices that are worth it From BRL 9.99.

See a list of games in the series below. Resident Evil Is on offer Steam. Players will also be able to take advantage of promotional prices DLCs And ExtensionsWhich can be viewed directly on the platform game pages.

Game Name Regular price Discount Advertising price
A village inhabited by evil BRL 239.99 35% discount BRL 155.99
Resident Evil 2 remake BRL 89.99 60% discount BRL 35.99
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard BRL 69.99 50% discount BRL 34.99
Resident Evil 3 remake BRL 129.99 60% discount BRL 51.99
Resident Will 4 BRL 39.99 75% discount BRL 9.99
Resident Evil BRL 39.99 75% discount BRL 9.99
Resident Evil 0 BRL 39.99 75% discount BRL 9.99
Resident Will 5 BRL 39.99 75% discount BRL 9.99
Resident Will 6 BRL 84.99 80% discount BRL 16.99
Resident Evil Revelations BRL 59.99 77% discount BRL 13.79
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition BRL 74.99 60% discount BRL 29.99

Did you like the prices offered for the franchise games Resident Evil At Steam? Are you going to buy any of them? Share your opinion in the comments!

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