Unreleased! The latest models of Dell G15 Gamer Notebook with RTX 3050 for almost R$ 1000 real ⋆

on Amazon Gamer Week It is possible to find several products with great discounts aimed at the gamer audience, among them we have new models dand Dell G15 gaming notebooks, which brings updated components including the processor 11th generation Intel Core i5 Optimized for performance. It doesn’t stop here! He also has a powerful car 8 GB RAM, 512 GB storagewhich together RTX 3050 video card with 4 GB dedicated memory Enables excellent performance for both work and play, running the latest games on the market (AAA titles) with excellent performance.

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One of the most “favorite” gaming notebooks among gamers, the Dell G15 Gaming Notebook features a modern and elegant finish, equipped with a 15.6-inch Full HD panel with excellent viewing angles and provides stunning visuals thanks to IPS display technology at 250 nits. . The screen also has a refresh rate of 120Hz to get fluid quality in incredible action moments, plus it offers a definite advantage to players of competitive games like Fortnite, practically allowing you to see your opponents in games. A few milliseconds ahead of anyone who doesn’t have a high FPS screen.

The Dell G15 is ready for the most demanding tasks, whether playing graphics games or using programs like Photoshop, the Dell G15 has been created with a thermal design that uses technologies used and tested on famous Alienware devices and incorporates dual air intakes at the top. keyboard and at the bottom of the notebook, which ensures that the machine does not heat up. The Dell G15 Gaming Notebook also offers a stunning backlit keyboard that provides comfort in the darkest environments and is RGB controlled by Alienware Command Center, software originally developed for Alienware computers and now available on the new G15.

What games does the laptop run well?

According to our tests, Dell G15 equipped with RTX 3050 graphics card performed very well in light games like League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant with FPS amount exceeding 200+. Other heavier games known to be not graphically optimized (such as PUBG) ran at an average of 60FPS at medium graphics settings. To run the latest releases with even better performance, we recommend adding another stick of 8 GB of RAM (MemoryDell G15 RAM can be expanded up to 32 GB). Anyway, to check out the full file of this super machine, check out the product page here.

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