Unreal Engine 5.1 Update Available: News for Lumen, Nanite and VSM

New features and implementations can now be used by platform users

THE Unreal engine Released the 5.1 update, and it brought a stream of new implementations of Lumen, Nanite, and VSM (Virtual Shadow Maps), among other platform features.

Many next-generation games currently in production use Unreal Engine 5, and the new features will bring a host of new opportunities to make these games more and more incredible and more “hands-on” to develop.

In the document published by Unreal about the 5.1 update, it is possible to learn about all the features that have been implemented – and there are many! Here we are going to highlight some that will catch your eye and put them to good use in your favorite game in the near future.

Luminaire improvement

  • Lumen now supports the shading model Two-sided leavesCollects light from the rear face and spreads it on the leaf, attenuated Underground color of material;
  • Lumen’s Ray Tracing software also has a new, much more accurate representation of foliage with stochastic semi-transparent distance field ray tracing that corrects for excessive occlusion in foliage;
  • Lumen uses spatio-temporal blue noise for cleaner image quality, especially when the camera is not moving. The biggest quality improvement is seen when Lumen uses a level of scalability High global illuminationwhich is targeted at 60fps on next-gen consoles;
  • Lumen’s Ray Tracing software now directly samples surface caches rather than rendering voxel Leakage and low resolution. This improves secondary bounce, reflection and global illumination from small emissive surface elements;
  • When high-quality transparent reflectors are included in the design, the luminaire reflectors provide a mirror-like reflection on the front layer of transparent surface materials;
  • Luminary reflections now support a single layer of water, reflections are forced.

Nanite improvement

  • Now supports materials using the following settings: two sides; mode A masked mixture🇧🇷 World Position Offset (Beta) – Selection limits have not been updated yet, so triangles may disappear depending on usage -; pixel depth offset;
  • Improved Nanite Leaf Geometry support: New option to maintain For static meshes, Nanite prevents geometry thinning over long distances when enabled on leaves; Landscape grass nets can now activate nanite.

Other changes and implementations

  • Virtual shadow maps DirectX 12 Shader Model 6 (SM6) is now required to be enabled in the project settings;
  • Ray-traced hardware now requires the same minimum version of Windows 10 as Nanite and Virtual Shadow Maps.
  • In this version the system Hierarchical level of detail Unreal Engine (HLODs) is now fully supported Water body actors🇧🇷 You can assign each actor to an HLOD layer, and each actor has a variety of HLOD settings that can be tailored to your project’s needs – Unreal Engine’s full set of water system mesh and rendering tools allow you to add different bodies of water. The actor arranges your level for water play.
  • Large world coordinates (LWC) Introduces support for double-precision variant data types in Unreal Engine 5. With version 5.1, they extended the system to support world partitioning.

If you’re interested in checking out the full list of 5.1 feature implementations and downloading Unreal Engine 5.1, just follow the links in the text.

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