Unitek launches an external thermoelectric cooler for the Steam Deck

Although it hasn’t been officially launched in Brazil yet, many users have already had a chance to try Steam Deck, Valve’s new console, which is described as a “portable computer”.

Capable of running many high-caliber games, the device is not immune to terrible overheating, but Unitek seems to have found a solution to the problem.

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Overheating of mobile devices has always been a problem, which not only causes discomfort during use, but also greatly affects performance. Unfortunately, Steam Deck is not immune to this problem.

Unitek seems to have found a solution with the Cooler Dock Pro for the Steam Deck. It’s essentially an official Valve dock reinforced with a thermoelectric cooler – like the one that comes with the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate – on the back.

Like the official base, Unitek’s version cools your Steam Deck – or any handheld device – with a soft silicone mount, and there’s a short USB-C cable hanging from the back to connect to the console. A thermoelectric cooler, RGB-lit fan and metal contact plate are housed in a hinged module that allows for slight tilt angle adjustment while supporting the Steam Deck.

Unitek has added an additional USB-C port on the left dedicated to the cooling module. If you just want to use the cooling function while traveling, i.e. without docked monitors or accessories, simply plug the Power Bank into this input.

Unitek claims that when running Apex Legends, the average surface temperature of the Steam Deck was around 46°C, but when used with the Cooling Dock Pro this number dropped to 34.5°C. When testing Forza Horizon 5 on ultra graphics settings, the Steam Deck usually fails to start a race, but it was able to last about six minutes in the Cooling Dock Pro.

The $119 Unitek Cooling Dock Pro is available for pre-order now and should start shipping in December. There’s also a cheaper $89 cooling dock for those who only need an HDMI 2.0 port (limited to 4K and 60Hz).

So what do you think of this accessory?

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