Undetected is a nostalgic copy of Metal Gear Solid and has a demo version on Steam

This is practically another snake in a different environment

Some games shape style. When it comes to spy games with stealth elements, the Metal Gear Solid series is probably the first thing that comes to mind. There are very loyal copies of such games as Undetected, Which is basically a different skin from Metal Gear Solid PS1. The game comes out on all platforms and now has a demo on Steam.

If you’re a computer gamer, you’ve already seen the Steam event ‘Come on’, which offers hundreds of demos until June 20th. I checked out some of the games and Undetected noticed that I was extremely loyal to Konami’s game. There are other “copy” titles that I will tell you about later.

“Snake, snake, sn …” No, wait

The demo puts him in a Mexican forest and you can already see the resemblance to MGS. From the positioning of the camera, from the voices of the characters, to the characterization of a hero who looks very much like a Snake, except for the movement. The biggest difference is in the graphics, really, because Undetected is “better”.

As you move forward, the camera changes position and you can not control it, as in Metal Gear Solid. How he aims and executes kicks and punches will lead the protagonist to the legendary secret people of the Metal Gear conspiracy.

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However, the Undetected hero has a few extra moves that are welcome in the mechanics of the first Metal Gear Solid gameplay, such as rolling on the ground, crushing and airy view of the environment, turning off the lights, crushing in the middle. Bush and maybe more than I have ever seen.

Speaking of similarities, another game I came across on Come Away last year was UnMetal, which is basically a fun copy of Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 that came out in the 87s and 90s. The biggest difference, of course, apart from some specific mechanics, is again the graphics. UnMetal is now available.

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If you are a big fan of Goldeneye 007, Agent 64 is a great honor for the cult title (not to mention a copy) and is considered to be the father of first-person shooters for consoles. Agent has not been released 64 times, but a demo version is available on Steam.

If you have seen something similar among the hundreds of demos now available on Steam, let us know.


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