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THE Xbox Series S Able to play games on physical media in the future, even without a disc. According to a new patent registered by MicrosoftConsole owners will be able to test games on other devices, such as the Xbox One, to download digital versions of the next-generation video game from the Microsoft Store.

Xbox Series S (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

This new feature will be especially useful for people who have purchased some old physical games and want to play them for a while. Backward compatibility. However, the system patented by Microsoft still requires an individual to have an Xbox One to drive discs at home, in addition to the Xbox Series S – which will be used to run titles.

There are still not many details about how the system works. This can be noticed when analyzing a patent scheme Xbox One Receives Physical Game and Sends Certified License to Xbox Series S Via Mobile or PC. The whole process has to be done through Microsoft online networks.

Microsoft Patent Allows Xbox Series S to Run Physical Games (Image: Play)
Microsoft Patent Allows Xbox Series S to Run Physical Games (Image: Play)

The system should only work with previous generation physical games such as Games for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the original Xbox. On the other hand, a new generation of exclusive titles drives like the future StarfieldShould only work on Xbox Series X. Anyone wishing to play the Xbox Series S must purchase the digital version.

There is no forecast for patent implementation on Xbox consoles yet. Until that happens, Xbox Series S owners will not be able to play old physical games. The only option available is to re-purchase the digital version of the games, or you are lucky enough to find them Xbox Game Pass Or Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Series S Restrictions annoy developers

Released in November 2020, the Xbox Series S is a more affordable gateway for the next generation of consoles. With almost half the price set by the Xbox Series X and still running good performance of the latest games, the video game was successful in the Brazilian market. However, low cost comes with some limitations.

Although fully digital, The Xbox Series S has less internal storage Than the Xbox Series X – 512 GB instead of 1TB. This means less storage space for games downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Also, the input console works less compared to its more expensive sibling. While the Xbox Series X displays graphics at up to 4K resolution at high frame rates, the Xbox Series S has limited resolution up to 1440p. In practice, this is even more serious as there are games that are below 1080p, especially with heavy titles.

Limited Xbox Series S Hardware, Including Annoying some developersaccording to Digital Foundry. In the 60th episode of DF Direct Weekly, host Alexander Batalia (@Dachsjaeger) claimed to have heard several complaints about the issue.

“I do not want to disappoint the viewer who follows him Digital Foundry And it has the Xbox Series S, but we have heard from many developers who sometimes find it difficult to work with the Xbox Series S. This is not because of the power of the processor or graphics chip, but because of that Memory limitations“- the presenter writes in the video.

Info: Windows Club, GameRant.

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