Undecember, Diablo Immortal Rival, Releases for PC and Consoles, But Disappoints Over ‘Cash Shop’ ⋆

Recently, players were able to try it for free Not DecemberA new Action RPG Hack ‘n’ Slash game that has emerged as a possible rival to Infamous Immortal Diablo on mobile phones. At the time, the player experience was reportedly satisfactory enough to suggest that we were actually dealing with a title that could “beat” Blizzard’s game. However, the sense of satisfaction from players has not been the same since the game was released on PC and mobile devices on Wednesday (12). On Steam, for example, action RPG by linear games Currently has “slightly negative” reviews. That is, almost 70% of users who rated the game did not like the experience.

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Much awaited by players and fans of the ARPG genre, as mentioned earlier, December left many disappointed after its launch this Wednesday. While the gameplay of the game was clearly praised by many players, a large number of players criticized the Line Games title for its Cash Shop. Some players have accused the publisher and developer of adding items to the Cash Store that were available for free in previous tests. Others complain about the developers themselves for providing a pay-to-win experience even with Diablo Immortal, a game that has also been heavily criticized for containing pay-to-win practices. It’s also worth noting that there are players who defend the game and say that the in-game Cash Store supports Pay-to-fast and non-Pay-to-win items, meaning it will allow premium players to progress. Faster regarding “free players” and that items are available to all players. Anyway, the title seems to have a lot of growth potential if the developers can change the “loss” created by Cash Shop that scared many players away.

Developed by Needs Games and distributed by Line Games, Undecember allows the player to delve into a fantasy world and embark on a dark journey as a rune hunter destined to prevent the rebirth of an evil species. As a good action RPG, the title focuses on gameplay based on the classic hack’n’slash where the player destroys countless hordes of enemies at once. Among the highlights of the game, the title gives players a unique class experience, which is made possible by combining different abilities and equipped runes. Players can cast spells while wielding a sword or summon minions while wielding a bow and arrow, or even create any other combination that suits their preferred playstyle. At launch, the title was available for free on PC (via Steam and its own launcher) and mobile devices (Android and iOS), with cross-platform play and support for mouse and keyboard, gamepads, and touchpads. youThe title can be played in 10 languages, including our good Brazilian Portuguese (interface and subtitles only). For more information, visit the game’s Steam page. You can also download the game on Android and iOS.

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