UK makes first decision to buy Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard; Extended deadline!

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard is not just anything, as it is one of the biggest deals in the digital technology industry at a price of $70 million dollars. As a major deal that could change the history of the industry, it will be reviewed by trade bodies in key markets to confirm that there is no competition risk. The acquisition recently received initial approval, but has now entered shaky ground.

Ocorrque, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has determined that the review process between Activision-Blizzard and Microsoft will be decided by September 1. However, given the closeness of the date, new information has emerged and relates to the celebration of the emergence of the meeting with Microsoft, which Solving possible problems that may arise If the purchase is approved.

See the CMA’s first decision below:

1 September 2022: The CMA has decided, on the basis of currently available information, that this merger is or may be may lead to a significant reduction in competition UK market or markets. This union will be forwarded to a An in-depth investigationA If the parties do not offer acceptable compromises To address these competition concerns. The full text of the CMA’s decision will be published on the case page in due course.

Thus, the UK did not reject or approve the purchase, but asked for more time to investigate the case if the parties – presumably Sony and Microsoft – did not reach an agreement. It seems that if Microsoft commits to making Call of Duty cross-platform, it might get approved faster, but even so, an Xbox owner can try to approve a purchase without reservation, the process is short.

So far this is not a cause for alarm, but it could be Impact on estimated timeAs the CMA did not immediately confirm, The review period should be extended And once again those involved and connected must present their arguments for and against.

The Activision-Blizzard acquisition received approval from Saudi Arabia a few days ago, so it was initially believed that other authorities would soon give their approval. However, we must remember that each process is conducted differently and perspectives may not be the same.

On the other hand, leaked meetings with Brazil’s trade body have revealed this All affiliated companies, except Sony, The acquisition was agreed to, so industry opposition to regulators is not expected.

Microsoft has five days to resolve the CMA’s issues and try to turn it into an approval without requiring Call of Duty to come to Playstation. Let’s see if you can.


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