UFL: New football games that will compete with FIFA, game excerpt published

Strikerz Inc spreads drop news about its first big game

At the same time that Electronic art Ends historical partnership FIFA And Konami Still has problems eFootball 2022Other competitors are preparing to enter the football games market. This is the case UFLWho won this Thursday (26) a The developer has released a new gameplay snippet released by Strikerz Inc..

The CEO of the company Evgeny Nashilov posted on his personal Twitter account A small snippet showing the unfinished version of the game. According to him, the team responsible for the title.There is still a lot of work ahead“, But he hopes that the preview reveals to the players the feeling that the game wants to convey.

Recorded on a computer, The new gameplay of the UFL shows the crowded stadium and the opening moments of the match, but it does not go very far.. The material has many similarities to what is presented in the games with which the release tries to compete, but It is impossible to see from the pictures alone how much the control responds Or what his game actually is.

UFL bets on partnerships with big players

The first official release of the game was released by Strikerz Inc. in January this year The promise of a fair title that will bring a system of matches without any disability. To get the public’s attention, the developer is partnering with several well-known athletes who will be involved in both the game and its promotional materials.

Which LukakuCurrently ChelseaAnd The official ambassador of the new gameWho also has a partnership with names like Cristiano Ronaldo (He Manchester United). While bringing in a large selection of athletes with official image rights, The title should follow a different path from series like FIFA and eFootball.

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The developer intends to offer the UFL a main game mode based on creating their own clubs that will compete for places in the global rankings. The company plans to work with a seasonal system, Which constantly separates each champion’s champion from the virtual trophy room. The promise is that the game will be released in stores by the end of 2022, with proven versions PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S And Pracha.


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Source: Eugene Nashilov Twitter


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