Ubisoft will help Stadia players by transferring PC purchases

Without divulging details, the French publisher says the games can be redeemed on Ubisoft Connect

with the end stadium announced Ubisoft Ready to help platform users stream their games.

Of course, this transfer applies to the games in the Ubisoft catalog that are on Stadia today.

Stadia will be shut down, but Ubisoft will help

Last Thursday (29), Google confirmed that its game streaming platform, Stadia, will cease operations on January 18, 2023. Those who purchased any software or hardware from the Platform will be refunded, except for Platform subscriptions. Stadia Pro.

But thinking of those who want to continue playing their games, Ubisoft has been helpful in helping those players and bringing their experience with Stadia games. Ubisoft Connect.

While Stadia will shut down on January 18, 2023, we’re excited to share that we’re working on bringing Stadia-owned games to PC via Ubisoft Connect. We’ll have more to share about specific details as well as the impact on Ubisoft+ subscribers at a later date..”

shop stadium It is already closed and cannot be played or subscribed at this time. But those who already have some Ubisoft content on Google’s streaming platform may have hope.

Although Ubisoft made the announcement and said it would provide more details later, some questions remain. Stadia worked through cloud streaming, a technology that Ubisoft had yet to master, hence the partnership with Stadia. However, the Ubisoft+ service can be accessed Amazon’s Luna, which can become one of the effective options. A proposition like this limits the number of users who can enjoy it, as Stadia’s focus is precisely on gamers who didn’t have powerful hardware to run the games. So even if games are ported to Ubisoft Connect, players will still need to have a PC that meets the requirements for each game to run them.

RDR 2 players can lose almost 6000 hours of gameplay

At the same time, we have a player from Red Dead Redemption 2, who uses the Stadia platform for his adventures in the Wild West, and who has almost 6 thousand hours of gameplay, who is desperately asking Rockstar to transfer his data, and he can. save save

Unfortunately, the failure of this Google service will affect many players, and we have heard many similar stories. Hopefully solutions like the ones Ubisoft has proposed will help improve the situation for Stadia users.

Google Stadia will end its operations in January 2023
All customers who have invested in the platform and its games will be paid back.


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Source: Ubisoft


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