Ubisoft promises tough response to YouTuber who shared confidential content

John Allen admitted that he kept the profile to TheRealInsider because of the attention it received on social media.

THE Ubisoft went public this Thursday (22) to say so YouTube will take strict action against John Allen. Earlier this week, he admitted that he was responsible for maintaining TheRealInsider profile, which was used to reveal information that the developer provided under confidentiality agreements.

We regularly provide access to our game information under NDAs to trusted partners. When that trust is compromised, or information leaked by an individual, it’s not only damaging and demoralizing to our teams, but robs our players of an exciting moment of revelation and experience.“, said the developer in a message sent to Eurogamer.

Ubisoft says that while it is not used to commenting on individual cases, Always takes the matter seriously and will take appropriate measures. While it’s unclear what actions a company will take, standard NDA contracts often stipulate that anyone who violates them will have to to take various financial and moral damages.

The YouTuber says he shared the content because of the attention it got

After admitting to keeping TheRealInsider profile and deleting her social media accounts, Allen released a video explaining the reasons for his actions.. According to him, many rumors were published They were just fakeAnd others were the result of broken NDAs or “educated guesses” about what might happen.

I mentioned the Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid remakes, and I can tell there were no NDAs involved because it’s all crap. These are all lies, second hand comments. Half the posts are polite guessesHe explained. According to him, the main reason was to keep the profile anonymous The attention it received and the excitement it generated on social media.

I am ashamed of it. It was pathetic and just plain dishonestAllen explained. He states that he has lost contacts and relationships in the industry and personally and that he takes full responsibility for his actions and the damage caused. At this moment, The YouTuber says he’s stepping away from content production and social media Figuring out how you are going to lead your life from now on.

Ubisoft wants to make more focused games that don't have to appeal to all tastes

Ubisoft wants to make more focused games that don’t have to appeal to all tastes
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