Ubisoft is expanding its Ubisoft+ catalog with indie games

The company itself made the announcement at the Ubisoft Forward conference

during the conference Ubisoft Forward This weekend, Ubisoft revealed it will add indie titles to the catalog of Ubisoft+ subscription services. The initiative started a few months ago and it seems that it will get a special boost in the coming days.

That’s because the company revealed Astrologer of Niamiam, Remains of Evan by Maitan69, 6 Eyes Studio’s Fall Seal: Arbiter’s Mark and Gamius varnish will be available for users to purchase through the Ubisoft Store.

“We always strive to offer the best games to the most diverse player styles, and this commitment is reflected in our selection of partners. We’re excited to bring visibility to some of the most indie narrative adventure games like Lake and Astrologaster, through mystery and suspense like Evan’s Remains, to turn-based RPGs like Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark,” said Alexia Brumme, Head of Branding and Content the director. at Ubisoft.

Photo: Disclosure / Ubisoft

Stimulating the future of the gaming industry

Ahead of the four new titles the company unveiled, Ubisoft+ began adding indie titles with the release of The Last Friend, an arcade-style game developed by The Stonebot. In addition, it also featured A Normal Lost Phone, a fictional game created by Random Queens.

One of the pioneers to position itself in the market in this way, Ubisoft is strengthening its commitment to adding diversified titles to its game catalog. It’s a way the company has found to offer quality startups to help build the future of the industry. Precisely for this reason, Alexia emphasizes that this is “a new chapter in the adventure of Ubisoft+”.

The Ubisoft+ subscription service is currently available on PC and will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox in the future. With more than 100 Ubisoft games, the portfolio includes upcoming releases such as Skull and Bones – which will be available from day one – as well as classic, premium editions, additional content packs and rewards.

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