Ubisoft+ Coming Soon to Xbox, Microsoft Store Files Revealed

The subscription service provides access to premium versions of dozens of games from the manufacturer

Now available for PC and PlayStation, apparently, is the subscription service Ubisoft+ Its official debut on Xbox platforms is very close. An insider known as Aggiornamenti Lumia has revealed that there are already some references to the system Available in the Microsoft StoreReinforces signs that a debut is imminent.

Ubisoft itself confirmed the signature’s arrival on Microsoft platforms in January of this year when it revealed that Rainbow Six Siege was going to debut directly in the Game Pass catalog. However, since then he Stayed silent on any updates What was happening in this direction.

So far, the only concrete information The Insider has found is that The Ubisoft+ logo is already in the Xbox Store database. There’s no word on whether the service will be sold separately, as it is on other platforms, or whether there will be some kind of special offer tied to a subscription to Game Pass Ultimate — which, currently, Also grants access to the EA Play service catalog.

Ubisoft+ brings access to dozens of games from the developer

cost estimate BRL 49.99 per monthUbisoft+ is a service that provides access to the entire catalog of games from the French developer. This includes from 100+ titles released in the past Even more recent additions that come with your additional content while your subscription is valid.

The company promises access Premium edition of all your titles, as well as a system that allows you to cancel and renew a subscription with great freedom. In the case of the PlayStation, it also offers a A “reduced” version of the service For those with PlayStation Plus Premium and Extra subscription plans.

Big is the official debut of Ubisoft+ on Xbox will take place during Gamescom 2022, an event that officially kicks off next Wednesday (24). Microsoft has already confirmed that it will do a special transmission From the show floor of the event where you have to show The top games coming to Game Pass in the next 12 months.


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Source: TechRadar


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