Two Dots Campus is coming to Xbox Game Pass today, check out the critic ratings

We have a new title coming to Xbox Game Pass today Two point campus! A simulation sequence SEGA switches from medicine to mathematics as the series moves from the hospital to the campus school.

We played this before release and were very impressed with the single player experience. Anyway, here’s a little more info on Sega’s Two Point Campus if you want to jump in:

Two point campus! (Console, PC, Cloud) – 11am Brazil time

It’s time to turn the gym upside down! Did you want to learn? Or just want to create an educational masterpiece? Campus is full of new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams.

For the first time ever, build outdoors while developing your own delightful educational campus environment, home to the best learning facilities in the country. Whether you prefer to build on a simple foundation or place all the trees, you can build the university you want.

The Xbox Series X|S version gets an average rating 86 On Metacritic, then we have a critically acclaimed game. His predecessor was also greatly admired by his fans. Below, check out the notes and some comments.

TheGamer – 100

Two Point Campus is a school experience unlike any other. From weird and wonderful courses to quirky clubs and student stereotypes, you’ll find everything you want on campus and more. As you flex your management muscles, be sure to keep your eyes peeled, these students all have their own style and personality. Take care of them and you’ll be rewarded with lots of puns, animations and hidden laughs along the way. Education has never been so much fun.

God is a geek – 90

Two Point Campus is an evolution, not a revolution, but it’s more refined and considered than its predecessor Hospital, making it a must-play.

PC Gamer – 90

The developers manage to offer enough innovation and variety without experimenting too much that the game doesn’t just look like Two Point Hospital with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, there is still room for improvement. But for those with a little interest in business simulations, a visit to Two Point County is definitely a must.

Jeuxvideo – 90

Two Point Campus makes an almost perfect copy of the renewal of the driving game genre. Its amazing two-phase game system allows you to combine the best of both worlds: a game where you can create without stress and ease, and a game where you can happily observe the results of your work. If the phase of the academic year is more idle than the summer holidays, it allows you to enjoy a great working environment, animations and personalization of your campus. The game is fun and doesn’t fit into the classic iteration of the genre, thanks to its powerful construction tools and scenarios that know how to reinvent themselves in terms of scenery and gameplay. An example to follow.

Windows Central – 90

Two Point Studios has managed to turn an otherwise incredibly boring management scenario into a fun and entertaining simulator to play.

Stevivor – 80

Although I doubt it, building a university is an interesting and worthwhile experience. Two Point Campus may have an increase in challenge and better pacing, but it’s a lot of fun to build and manage at its core. Two Point Campus is a good example of a fun, engaging and rewarding driving simulator. Not quite a high difference, but certainly the result that makes the refrigerator door.

IGN – 80

When it comes down to it, Two Point Campus is a deep and rewarding management game. And this is what is most important here. Growing my college, hiring and training professors, adding new courses, improving my dorms, and watching my grades and profits rise in Sandbox mode is addictive enough that I can keep going for dozens of hours even after 40 hours. For this review. The art style and weird humor don’t do it for me most of the time, but they’re usually not actively offensive, and eventually I turn them off. At the end of the semester, I would pass Two Point Campus with a solid B+.

Gamespot – 80

These issues aside, Two Point Campus is a marked improvement over Two Point Hospital. The college environment makes the game more personal and honest, where parties, romance and friendship are just as important as attending classes and studying. A multitude of interconnected systems pulls everything together and takes care of the managerial side of the equation without feeling overwhelmed. A steady stream of new concepts makes starting a new school exciting, and additional building tools mean you have more customization at your fingertips than ever before. It also retains the charm and wit of the series, with some satire, and makes sure to pass Two Point Campus with flying colors.

Have you tried it on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below!

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