Twitch will lower the minimum payment limit for creators by 50%

It will now be possible to redeem the profits earned on the platform upon reaching the $50 mark

Twitch announced this Wednesday (13) a A new change to their systems to benefit content creators, especially small ones. The company will be Reduce the minimum margin by 50% so that streamers can earn revenue from subscriptions made on the platform.

This means that if Currently you should expect to receive $100 Before you can redeem the value, Soon this cost will drop to 50 USD. According to the company, the new policy will be implemented gradually and Arrivals will begin on July 15. Initially in Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan.

The Twitch promise is that The new minimum level becomes standard in all markets where it operates by November of this year. According to the company, the decision will allow Over 70,000 content creators They are more likely to be rewarded for their contributions.

Twitch promises to make payments easier

On his official blog, Twitch claims that “I wish“May one day allow content creators to receive payments as soon as steam is finished. “As we strive for lower payment thresholds, we focus on creating a trusted, accurate and globally accessible experience for everyone.“, the company says.

According to the company, there will be an exception to the new policy which Does not apply to purchases made by direct bank transfer. Twitch explains that in this case, The minimum redemption level will still be $100as enabling him to deal with ‘transfer fees’.

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Twitch is offering a change in payment format to content creators for displayed ads

Twitch is offering a change in payment format to content creators for displayed ads
Producers can choose whether or not to join a new promotion promoted by the platform

The company also confirms this Those who reach the $50 threshold do not need to redeem payments immediately, which he will keep until the moment when the creator decides to get money. Recently, Twitch also announced that it is working on changes to its interface and announced a A new payment format for creators who display ads during your transfer.


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