Twitch says that giving larger shares to streamers is not viable

The company says it has to deal with the high costs associated with high image quality and low latency transmission.

Twitch’s decision was announced on September 21 It will no longer work with profit sharing More profitable for big streamers, keeps the noise going. During Twitchcon, a company representative spoke about the issue again, stating that It has no way of working with a split beyond the current 50/50 without harming your business.

According to the platform’s head of monetization, Mike Minton, the company wants to compensate for this new policy. Offer content creators new ways to make money. “At the end of the day, we’re creating a long-term framework so everyone can keep winning for as long as possible and the next generation of streamers have the same opportunity.“, he said.

Minton also reinforced that the former 70/30 split was offered to specific breeders. May not be accessible to a large number of people without destroying the viability of the service. He explained that as long as Amazon controls Twitch, he hopes the streaming system can Viable and profitable completely independently.

Twitch says live streaming costs are high

Twitch proves it Its main costs are on the infrastructure needed to go live High quality and low latency. “We recognize that we are in this together. You all struggle to create amazing and engaging content, build communities, keep your communities safe, and our job is to create tools that allow you to do that while making more money.Minton said.

The platform’s head of monetization says that among the tools available to make life easier for content creators, The platform offers systems such as Amazon Prime, gift subscriptions, hip trains and incentive programs. He also states that he acknowledges that the system has a problem with the advertising system, although he explains that it is necessary to support many creators.

for the future Minton promises that Twitch will work on less intrusive ads and in creating systems that facilitate small flows. He also explained that the company is Exploring the possibility of introducing skip adsBut one should study the feasibility of the format before implementing it.

Twitch will complete the hosting system for other creators' streams

Twitch will complete the hosting system for other creators’ streams
The company claims that the current system makes it difficult to communicate directly with content creators.


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