Trouble is, MADiSON is almost “unplayable” on PS4

MADiSON performance is not going well on PlayStation 4. Since the game’s release on July 8, players have been reporting issues with crashes and bugs. According to some reports, the title is almost “unplayable” and continues to fail even with the release of a correction patch.

Most of the complaints point to things like constant crashing, causing error messages, and crashing within minutes of booting up the PS4. Before the update, users commented that Psychological Horror would randomly crash and return to the console menu after any trophy appeared on the screen.

We are aware of the issues and hope to prepare a patch for MADiSON soon. A PS4 update should be available at any time; XSX update may take 48 hours. We’ll let everyone know when both are live!

What was supposed to be a workaround seems to have degraded the game’s performance. Yes, he knows the complaints, developers bloody games The errors could not be corrected. See the thread below with some complaints:

First Tweet — Did you update and your game loaded or did you have to reinstall the game and start fresh?

2nd tweet — installed, updated, played to 78% and all of a sudden my screen turned blue and shut down and won’t load my saves ever since. I reinstalled it but still the same. I didn’t want to start a new game so I’m waiting for a new update to see if they fix it.

MADiSON is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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A first-person psychological horror, MADiSON has a narrative focus on expanding immersion, combining story elements with gameplay mechanics such as puzzles and exploration. In the title, players must activate a special camera that can switch between realities as they uncover secrets about a strange ritual and escape a powerful demonic entity.

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