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Trombone Champ is a new music game released for PC via Steam. The title, which costs R$28.99 in the digital store, is developed and published by Holy Wow Studio. The game was successful on social networks after becoming a meme thanks to its gameplay. This is because players move the controls to try to play classical songs on the trombone, a wind instrument, always with very funny and awkward results. It should be remembered that the game is exclusive to Windows computers, but according to the makers, a Mac version will be released soon.

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Trombone Champ became a meme after its success as a music game released on Steam — Photo: Disclosure / Holy Wow

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Trombone Champ has 20 remastered songs, all inspired by classic tunes and, before that, free of the heavier copyrights. The game lets you play freely: there’s a performance marker that tells you if you’re doing well, but the song doesn’t stop if the user misses too many notes. The game gives you the freedom to create fun and unusual results with the sound of the trombone.

A lot of people might think that his style is like a guitar hero, but that’s not the case. Trombone Champ is closer to games like Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents, both for the Nintendo DS, which were successful in introducing a musical concept where you had to follow the lines on the screen. The gameplay here is very similar to this style, but gives users more freedom.

Trombone Champ completes the experience with collectible items. There are 50 cards to collect, with musician data and historical details, but always in a good mood. More visual elements can also be unlocked to appear on the screen while music is playing. The producer guarantees that everything will be obtained within the game and without any microtransactions – and does not even plan anything in this regard.

The studio has already revealed that following its success, it plans to continue updating Trombone Champ for free over the next few months. Some of the planned improvements include adding more music, accessibility options, localization to more languages, and support for Mac computers in addition to Valve’s own Steam Deck device.

Minimum Trombone Champion Requirements

component Minimum requirement
operating system Windows 7
processor Intel Core i7 3770 or higher
memory 2 GB RAM
video card Intel HD 4000 or higher
Free space 500 MB

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