Tramp: Is it worth it?

Against the backdrop of the shyly presented PS5’s big AAA, Stray may have passed many eyeballs, after all there was an occasion Showcase to showcase the next generation of titles from Sony.

With a very peculiar premise, “Kitten Game” introduces players to the adventures of a kitten who lost his family and ended up in a mysterious place with an ancient secret. If you haven’t seen anything about it yet, check out the trailer:

There’s been a bit of skepticism surrounding the project because it’s “too different,” but it’s one of 2022’s good surprises.

The concept is different and very well executed

Watching the announcement trailer, the idea that Stray Cat was a simulator was very obvious – after all, the genre offered a good and varied experience. Although, in parts, it is something much more.

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Don’t get me wrong. You will constantly be doing cat things like purring, meowing, scratching carpets, jumping from wall to wall, and much more. But these bread activities are only makeup for a very deep background – and one that may surprise you, after all.

The cat as the central point of the story leads to strangeness, after all, what would be interesting about all this? And that’s where the game hooks you.

Stray’s story is incredibly interesting

Stray’s world is something different and has a very well developed plot behind it. The game is set hundreds of years ago in a dystopian future where robots and sentient artificial intelligence live in a kind of futuristic city full of social problems.

Living the good life with his brothers and sisters outside of this reality, the kitten ends up in a mysterious place and ends up in a small plane called the B-12. In addition to being a very loyal friend, he helps the kitten interact with the strange inhabitants there.

These robots communicate in a very different language, and since the kitten only knows how to meow, it’s funny how they mumble to each other while B-12 stays on screen and translates everything that’s going on. Very simple, no duplication, but works like a charm.

in short, Don’t give spoilers about the plot, this place where robots live is divided into social classes. While the residents of the favelas live unstable and restricted lives, those living in the center of the city are more “free” but still feel pressured by the mega-corporation.

There are also Zurks, organic elements that absorb everything in their path, including metal. These pesky little faults remain between the city unions, and it is mainly because of them that society is divided.

The concept is basically this: Stray’s story is about a rescue kitten in a hopeless world. Add mind-blowing storylines, intrigue and lots of appeal to the story. is ready A unique adventure has just been created.

Robots have been there for hundreds of years as a society and the idea that the only living thing that can change everything forever is a little kitten is pretty crazy. This explains why the hero is such an adorable little ball of fur.

The game design is simple, but it does its job

Don’t expect complex gameplay mechanics in Stray. All you can do here is jump from wall to wall, scrub carpets, meow, sleep, and get robot love. point.

But that doesn’t mean the title doesn’t present you with great challenges. The kitten will constantly have to complete a series of very well-thought-out puzzles and other simple tasks to achieve his goals. B-12 will take you on a journey by helping you, telling you stories about the place, helping you unlock doors, carry things and much more.

This world has a very interesting semi-open world concept because it looks huge, but it’s not – after all, we’re talking about a cat’s perspective. Even leaving this impression, the game always gives you subtle hints where to go and forces you to explore every alley to solve the problems.

Most robots can be interacted with and will help you with whatever you need as long as you don’t “eat” them. This situation is a little comical, but completely believable. They have gone hundreds of years without seeing a living organism, and it is obvious that they will be afraid. But since you’re a kitty, that’s okay—loving them seems to be a universal concept.

Tramp: Is it worth it?

next to SIFU, Stray is one of the good surprises of 2022. It is an engaging adventure with a completely different concept that offers plenty of “warmth” in your heart. There are a few caveats, such as some object physics being somewhat painful and crashing at certain angles – but these issues are far from detracting from the experience.

The player will constantly be amazed while exploring the futuristic city, where he will meet “people” with different habits and customs. It’s a truly fascinating world that captures your attention from start to finish.

The limitations of the game are quite clear. Stray’s focus is on letting the player do cat things, but it gives you so much more. The art style also makes the game’s scenarios very unique – be it in a favela, downtown, or anywhere else.

Although DualSense support is somewhat limited and there is no photo mode, the whole set of work, along with 4K graphics and consistent frame rates, makes the experience a great choice.

If you subscribe to the new PS Plus Extra/Deluxe plan, even better: Stray will arrive in the catalog 19’th of July At no additional cost to service members. So there’s no excuse not to enjoy “kitten play”!

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