Townfall is announced by Konami

On Wednesday (19), Konami announced a brand new game called Silent Hill: Townfall, developed by studio No Code (of Observation) in partnership with Annapurna Interactive (Stray, Outer Wilds and more).

According to John McKellan, Creative Director of Studio No Code, the first details about Townfall should be released during the holiday season. During a brief appearance at a Konami event, he declared himself a big fan of Silent Hill and promised to stay true to what the franchise has in store for the new project.

Mysterious and brief, the Silent Hill: Townfall preview only shows a radio being used to communicate between two unidentified people. And these people believe they’re somewhere—perhaps Silent Hill—because they’ve done something terrible.

A particular aspect of the preview stands out. When the voice we hear realizes that he and this other person may be in for some kind of punishment, that voice shows some fear. It seems that even though the two are in contact, one of them must have a particularly dangerous purpose for the other.

Could this be an indication of multiplayer? Or perhaps a hint that two old friends in history will be pitted against each other in search of their own salvation? We’ll let you know when more information comes out. No release date or platforms have been confirmed for Silent Hill: Townfall at this time.

A brief history of Silent Hill

The team known as Team Silent worked on the first four Silent Hill games, the franchise’s most critically successful. Unlike Resident Evil and other titles in the genre such as Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill created its own identity through so-called psychological horror.

More than a few scares and scary monsters, Silent Hill has always excelled at tackling complex themes. Traveling inside the main character’s head and understanding the allegories presented on screen was much scarier than simply confronting strange monsters with little resources.

Although Silent Hill’s particularly ingenious approach will become a phenomenon for a specific group of gamers, the fact is that the original games will never become a commercial success on the level of Resident Evil, the most famous franchise in the survival horror genre.

The Silent Hill games were much quieter than similar franchises, for example. There was also the issue of the type of approach that was much more intense and shocking to some of the audience than other games offered. Things were far from normal in Silent Hill.

Inevitably, Konami would realize the limits of Silent Hill, which, while artistically and conceptually authentic, didn’t make as much money as the company had apparently hoped. Therefore, starting with Silent Hill: Origins (2007), the original team was replaced by Climax Studio (later Climax Action), from the United Kingdom.

Although relatively praised by critics, Silent Hill: Origins marked the beginning of the series’ decline, which would reach particularly low points in Homecoming (2008) and Downpour (2012, the last major series).

Overall, criticism of the “Western Period” games was largely related to their lack of innovation and abandonment of the complex themes characteristic of the Silent Hill series. Following a move similar to Resident Evil, the series was more action-oriented – only with less competence.

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The year 2022 is exactly a decade since the last game in the Silent Hill franchise. Finally, the wait for the series to return is over. Whether we’re celebrating a new game or lamenting Konami’s yet another failure with the franchise remains to be seen.

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