Tower of Fantasy will receive Portuguese dubbing; The Steam version will be released on October 20

Tower of Fantasy has announced that all of its spoken content will be dubbed. Bringing together some of the biggest names in voice acting, such as the Bezerra brothers, Ulysses, Wendell and Ursula, Tatian Keplemer, Glauco Marquez and many more, the game’s characters will come to life with iconic voices that will create deep bonds and connections. – Especially with anime fans.

Additionally, Vera, the first major expansion for Tower of Fantasy, has been confirmed to be available on October 20th. On the same day, Steam users will be able to download and play the full game with the expansion directly from the platform.

Tower of Fantasy is currently available for free on PC via the official website and for mobile on the App Store and Google Play.

More details on today’s news are below via Level Infinite:

The Vera expansion has two distinct environments: the radiant vastness of the desert and the cyberpunk city of Reflection at its center. At first glance, the dazzling city may seem like an oasis, offering respite from the hostile desert, but wanderers soon discover that it is fraught with danger and conflict.

Both zones will offer Wanderers a new range of quests, events, raids, instances, monsters and legendary bosses to conquer, as well as new vehicles to discover and weapons to master. However, the biggest challenge is the part of the desert known as “Grizamento”. When you enter gray, the whole environment becomes dark, which creates a feeling of danger. There is also the danger of encountering gray creatures, enemies that inhabit this area. Gray creatures appear in all forms and are responsible for the increasing deterioration of Vera’s already fragile ecosystem. The deadliest of these are called the Abyss, but the reward for taking them down is generous.

After the release of Vera, the dubbing of the game will also arrive in Brazil. It’s been one of the biggest requests from the community since launch, and no wonder. “Brazil is considered the best dubbing country in the world, and a big part of that is thanks to our community, which loves our work and is always demanding in its quality, which makes us have more and better professionals,” explains Ulis Bezera, voice actor. Veteran voice teacher and director who directed work on Tower of Fantasy. “The better the dubbing, the easier the immersion, the more enjoyable the experience. And this is amplified in games. Dubbing not only makes the work more suitable for Brazilian society, adapting it with references, jokes and regional tones, but also increases its accessibility and creates connections, widens its reach and makes the result much more beloved by the public.

Since this is an MMORPG, the process required hundreds of hours. There were over 170 voiced characters and over 9,000 recorded lines. And to bring it all to life, a great cast has been assembled, with the best voice actors of today’s anime and series, creating a positive connection with Brazilians.

The reason for so many big names is simple, as Ulis explains: “Dubbing can further deepen connections with certain genres. For Tower of Fantasy, we were careful about voices rooted in the anime fan world. We did this to create connections that make perfect sense; You can imagine the king shouting “Ave Phoenix”!

Check out the main voice actors who bring Aida’s characters to life below:

Luisa Horta and Fabio Lucindo: female and male protagonists

Tatiane Keplemire: Shirley/Nemesis

Vii Zedek: Mi-A

Wendell Bezera: Zeke

Lynn: Carol Walesa

Ursula Bezerra: Ruby

Saki Fuwa: Leticia Quinto

Leonardo Camillo: The King

Jussara Marques: Cobalt-B

Marley Bortoletto: Huma

Wagner Fagundes: Crow

Tanya Gaidarji: Tsubasa

Sirius: Glauco Marques

Mayte Kuna: Lyra

Fernanda Bullara: Samir

Adriana Pissardini: Frigg

Patty Souza: Meryl

Marie Goodes: Co-writer

Flavia Narciso: Pepper

Henry Walnut: Zero

Bruna Mata: Hilda

Tyce Durares: Claudia

Amanda Tavares: Ene

Rebecca Zadra: Echo

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