Tower of Fantasy generates discussions and memes on networks; See reactions

Tower of FantasyA new MMORPG from Level Infinite that promises to rival Genshin influenceIt will officially launch on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Android and iOS devices next Thursday (11), but This is enough to talk about in social networks.

On one hand, Several users have accused it of plagiarism Not only in comparison Genshin influencebut also for the supposed replication of content Honkai ImpactAlso from HoYoverse and more Rainbow Six: The SiegeFrom Ubisoft.

On the other hand, there are consumers who are protective Tower of Fantasy and indicates that Genshin influence does not shy away from accusations of plagiarism and cites his strong inspiration The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and even movements seen in games such as Devil May Cry 5 and NieR: Automata.

For their part, users in the crossfire are laughing at the whole situation, especially when it comes to the server names selected for South America. Level Infinite even contributed to a community campaign to decide on names, and this eventually spawned servers like “PauBrazil”, “Curupira” and even “Vasco”.

Players are also trying to get rid of it Tower of Fantasywhich includes abundant rewards such as a five-star favorite character, has attracted the attention of HoYoverse to enhance gifts and events. Genshin influence. In September of last year, it should be remembered that there was much anger and disappointment regarding its first anniversary.

It is a fact that Tower of Fantasy It’s already preloaded and over four million users have already pre-registered to receive exclusive rewards when the servers open. Below are some of the main reactions from users on Twitter, including comparisons and memes:

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