Top 5 Pokemon Games

Pokemon This is a franchise that spans generations. 26 years after we first saw Pikachu and company, Game Freak has released 8 generations of games, so we decided to list the best games of the brand below.

In this list we will discuss the games that follow the main concept of the franchise: Hunting Pocket Monsters in a turn-based RPG. In other words, games like Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Pinball Or New Pokemon Snap, As far as excellent, are not considered, do you agree? It is also important to note that the list does not match the order of preference.

5. Pokemon Black and White / Black and White 2

Fifth Generation Games Pokemon Continue to change the tone starting with the franchise style Diamond And Pearls. While focused on an organization trying to challenge chaos and dominate the world, in Unova, competitor N shows a sense of a similar aspect:Pokemon Are friends ”who have good trainers.

The difference is that N understands that no one but him believes this, so he wants to release everyone. Pokemon In the world, it forces other trainers to distance themselves forever from their loyal companions.

In Black And White 2Something new is happening in the franchise Pokemon. While other games had a third version that combined the two main games and introduced some changes, BW2 continues the previous story, is a direct sequel to events that included N, Team Plasma, Reshiram and Zekrom. This time, N’s father and the leader of the Neo Team Plasma is the one who is causing chaos in the Unova region and the new trainers are tasked with completing the Getis plans once and for all.

Motivated with an opponent who goes beyond fighting the main character to improve his fighting skills, Black Pokemon And WhiteAs well as its sequel, there are four excellent games that complement each other as one of the best Pokemon game.

Black Pokemon And White And Pokemon Black And White 2 Exclusive for Nintendo DS.

4. Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Game format Pokemon He has been beaten by many fans and there is always endless debate in the community about how a brand can be renewed and adapted to new generations. Pokemon Legends: Arceus Looking for this breath for fans who no longer had the patience for the formula for other games in the franchise.

In the “semi-open” world, where the player goes on maps to large study areas, different types of Pokémon are found in the wild, live, feed and are ready to attack any unsuspecting trainer who tries to provoke them. At the beginning of the Sinohi region, here is called Hisui, a young man transported by Archeus from the future to the end of the “Pokedex” of the past.

Using several new mechanics, such as Mass Outbreaks and Alpha Pokémon, Pokemon Legends: Arceus It can make a lot of mistakes in terms of graphics power, but it pays off by changing the franchise direction to eventually develop once and for all.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus It is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch

3. Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Located in Kalo district, Pokemon x And Pokemon Y Are the first games for the Nintendo 3DS franchise. With news like Mega Evolutions and the graphical leap provided by the portable console, the fascinating French-inspired region takes us on an adventure about human-Pokémon friendships and how this feeling can last for thousands of years and become a great cause. Disasters in the franchise world.

From a plot that includes the AZ, its fleet, and the war that broke out in the region and marked the beginning of Mega Evolutions, with beautiful landscapes inspired by French cities, Kalos is one of the most famous regions. PokemonAnd for good reason.

Pokemon x And Exclusive for Nintendo 3DS.

2. Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum

The Sinnoh region was the cornerstone of the franchise tone change. Pokemon. Team Galactic tries to use the forces of Palkia and Dialga to rebuild the world and to capture the whole world, to carry out their evil grand plan. And, of course, it is up to the player to stop the cosmic chaos and destroy the universe. Not much on the shoulders of an 11-year-old?

Aside from the jokes, the game also offered backward compatibility with Game Boy Advance titles, via Pal Park, where you can save your little monsters from other games and bring them into the fourth generation region.

Groundwater bases that became known at the time Pokemon ruby And Sapphire, Will also return to this generation. The global trading station, a means of trading Pokémon around the world, is still used in games today, although it has undergone some changes. In Pokemon PlatinumLike other franchise titles that have a third title, the focus is on a whole new legend – in this case, the guitar.

Pokemon Diamond, Pearls And Platinum Are exclusive games for the Nintendo DS.

1. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Launched to celebrate 10 years Pokemon Gold And Pokemon SilverSecond-generation remakes are a practical example of how to remake a work with respect to the original material, but without leaving the news. With the addition of a system that allows your team to run the first Pokemon with a trainer, the game adopts the concept used Pokemon Yellow With Pikachu and take you to the version where you can have your favorite pocket monsters by your side.

The story is the same as the original, its character is a young coach from New Bark Town who received his beginner Pokémon from Professor Elm and has silver as a competitor. The player explores the continent of Giotto, discovers secrets about three legendary dogs, and finally arrives in Kanto, a region of the first generation of little monsters, to complete Team Rocket once and for all.

At the end of the journey there is still an impressive battle going on against Reddie, the protagonist Red Pokemon And blueWhich in the remake is a new version of the legendary trainer, presented Pokemon fire red And Leaf green.

These are the top five games Pokemon, Our opinion. Do you disagree with any of them? Do you think the game was off the list? Share on social media and tell us which is your favorite franchise game.

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