Top 10 Games on Steam (13/08/2022)

Franchise Monster hunter Showed all its power while receiving the DLC release Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak To the level of the game that attracted the most new competitive players of the week on Steam.

With peaks of 127 thousand players, to lift Skyrocketed as the trend of the week in the PC gaming world. In order to learn about all the news in the gaming market, Canaltech List of hot titles on Steam. The list is a thermometer organized by data from the Steam.DB platform, which has the highest growth in the number of concurrent players within the last seven days within the platform. Check:

10. Escape the Backrooms

Escape Backrooms is an online horror multiplayer. In Adventure Pit, 4 players try to escape from various horror scenarios involving a living paste with puzzles. In gameplay, the quartet must explore rooms, find items that will help them continue their progress, and avoid enemies.

Escape Backrooms is in Early Access on PC and can be purchased on Steam for R$18.62. The game has seen a peak of around 1000 players in the last week.

9. PlateUp!

in the most cooked style, PlateUp! challenges players to cook and eat food in restaurants in chaotic levels. Establishments can be decorated and expanded in four player-controlled culinary kingdom levels.

The title combines what he calls “culinary action” with constant evil progress. Hire friends – or do it yourself! The quartet selects dishes, buys and installs appliances, and plans ambitious, automated kitchens.

PlateUp! It registered a peak of 3,300 players last week on PC and can be purchased for R$34.99 on Steam.

8. The Will of the Two Sisters of the Wisps

Two and the Will of the Wisps Perfect for those who love the Metroidvania style and games full of emotion and personality. sequence Two and a blind forest Available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, it gained traction on Steam when it went on sale.

Will of the Wisps Includes players with challenges, colors, charismatic characters and lots of quests. This is definitely one of the best exclusives from Microsoft studios for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Two and the Will of the Wisps Recorded a peak of 3,700 players last week on PC and can be purchased for R$42.57 on Steam for a limited time

7. Two point campus

This simulator from the creators of “Two Point Hospital” invites players to build their dream university. Among the mechanics, it will be necessary to hire employees and manage an educational institution.

Two point campus 6,700 concurrent players registered on PC last week and can be purchased for R$199.95 on Steam. The title is also available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

6. GUILTY GEAR -Fight-

The weekend of EVO 2022, the world’s premier fighting game competition, provided a boost Guilty Gear – Combat –. The title reached 150,000 viewers on Twitch last week (the 7th) and attracted many players on Steam.

The fighting title combines 2D/3D hybrid graphics with Japanese animation art direction. Guilty Gear – Combat – 7,600 simultaneous players registered on PC last week and can be purchased for R$86.99 on Steam.

5. The most distant border

the farthest border is a real-time strategy and management (RTS) title such as The era of empire and civilization. The adventure will challenge players to guide people, find cities, collect raw materials and fight for survival through resource management.

The main difference of this game is the sophisticated farming system. There are a total of 10 plantations with unique cultivation characteristics. The player will have to set up a crop rotation to maintain soil fertility, avoid heat and frost damage, and prevent disease build-up.

the farthest border is in Early Access and can be purchased for R$57.99 on Steam. The title peaked at 17,000 players in the last week.

4. MIR4

MIR4 is a Korean fantasy MMORPG. Amidst character power-ups and combat challenges in a multiplayer open world, adventurers in MIR4 battle each other in clan PvP modes.

MIR4 Early Access entered on August 10th, with a release scheduled for the next 25th. The game is available for free for iOS and PC phones, with crossplay.

The MMORPG registered more than 40,000 concurrent players on Steam last week.

3. MultiVersus

Maintaining good concurrent player averages, MultiVersus will appear again in the list. The title combines intense battles in a platform game that simulates the experience Super Smash Bros.from Nintendo.

The cast of available fighters includes Warner Bros. characters such as Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry, Finn, Wonder Woman, Steven Universe, Jake, Garnet and Superman. The adventure has solo or duo battle modes.

MultiVersus Free and available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The game peaked at over 63,000 concurrent players last week on Steam, rivaling and surpassing the number of concurrent players. Consolidated with games like Apex Legends and GTA 5.

2. Cult of the Lamb

One of the stars of Devolver Digital’s latest presentations, Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-like action-adventure game developed by Massive Monster Studio. In the adventure, the player must build his own cult with loyal followers until it becomes the only cult.

Cult of the Lamb A peak of 61 thousand players were registered on Steam during the week and can be purchased on the platform for R$64.95. The title is also available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One and Switch.

1. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster hunter is one of Capcom’s biggest franchises, and here’s why. DLC “Sunbreak” debuts Monster Hunter Rise The game, which was released in 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PC, has been boosted on Steam.

In sunset, players got a story with new locations, monsters, gameplay features, Master Rank quests and more. The expansion features the monster Malzeno, an elder dragon, and Senator Shogun, a crab from Monster Hunter 2.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak 127,000 concurrent players have registered on Steam and can be purchased for R$91.79 in a special promotion on the platform.

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