Thymesia – an overview

The soul-like genre has grown tremendously since its release Demon spirits In the PS3 era. I like the titles bloody, No, Sekiro Shadows die twice and many others, building on the success of the genre and creating their own narratives. Now, Thymesia, an action RPG game, is another title that makes the list.

Like all the games mentioned above, Thymesia It has a confusing narrative that requires you to read several documents to understand what is really going on. However, even if the ideas are equal, Thymesia It seems to provide an incomplete experience, and in this review you will find out why.

Thymesia’s graphics are truly eye-catching. Source: PS5 Create

History Thymesia It takes place in the kingdom of Hermes, a place where people used alchemy to conquer anything they wanted. However, over time, the power of alchemy eventually crumbled, leading the world into a calamity in which many people were transformed into strange creatures.

In order to stop the advance of this catastrophe and bring healing to the world, a mysterious man named Corvus will need to find his memories, which Hermes lost, because only with them will he be able to stop the collapse he brings. On the misuse of alchemy.

Like all Souls-like games, the narrative Thymesia It is confused by the fact that it is fragmented. The story isn’t immediately thrown in the player’s face, and then you have to turn on detective mode to find all of Corvus’ memories and find out what it takes to get everything back.

In Thymesia There aren’t many NPCs to interact with, making Hermes’ world exclusively populated by creatures altered by alchemy. Although this is understandable, there is a feeling that something is missing. Even zombie games have survivors, so the same probability should apply here.

The main campaign isn’t long, but the side quests give Thimesia more life. Source: PS5 Create

On the contrary dark souls or bloody, Thymesia is phase-separated. Although the maps appear to be related, they are not. Each location is a different type of area, with different challenges and bosses, and this makes the game lose that unified world feel.

In order to reach other locations on each map, you must first complete the side quests for each area. Some of these only become available after you’ve completed a few specific missions, so keep an eye out so you don’t miss out.

Another negative point I should mention is that Thymesia It has no multiplayer option. If you are facing a very difficult boss, you will need to insist on it until the end, because you have no way to ask your friends for help. I sincerely hope this changes in the future, because most bosses aren’t that difficult, but they manage to cause quite a headache.

To compensate for the difficulty, Thymesia Offers automatic save points. If you die, Corvus will still be teleported to the last mechanical save point, however, with autosave you can exit the game at any time without worrying about losing any memories you’ve collected.

There are a significant number of special weapons in Thymesia and this adds a bit more variety to the gameplay. Source: PS5 Create

gameplay Thymesia It’s fun and brings in a fair amount of traffic. With the experience points you earn, you unlock talents to make your life easier when it comes to fighting enemies. Some skills have more than one version, such as dodge, which can be double melee or double long range, for example. It may not seem like it, but it makes a huge difference against specific bosses, and the best part is that you can redistribute those points for free.

What may surprise you Thymesia Claws must be used to actually kill opponents. Since all citizens are damaged by alchemy, they have a second green HP bar. When this bar is depleted, it is necessary to use this secondary weapon to prevent enemies from recovering HP. While it may seem difficult, the game does a good job of balancing damage and giving Corvus some very useful abilities to deal with threats.

Another really cool thing is that here you can use a special weapon that has the same property as your claw. To level them up, it’s necessary to drop debris on enemies wearing the same type of equipment and, at most, once, release an extended combo that allows for much greater damage.

The easiest way to farm shards is to use Corvus’ charge attack. Source: PS5 Create

Although the gameplay Thymesia Be funny, the game itself doesn’t seem to reward you the best for having to deal with so many enemies.

The game carries the action RPG genre on its back, but it seems to delve much deeper into the action. You start with a set and you have to go all the way. Aside from the need to hunt down Corvus’ memories, there’s little else that makes you want to explore the dungeons further. In addition, there is no other equipment (like armor, for example) to collect and therefore improve your attributes. It’s all a bit superficial.

The bosses are big, but fear not, the attack pattern is easy to remember. Source: PS5 Create

Thymesia It’s really a very beautiful game and much more like it dark souls than bloody. The graphics, the scenery details, the bosses, it’s all very well done and makes you wonder what the PS5 is capable of. Of course, there are games with more advanced graphics capabilities, but this title also deserves attention for its beautiful artwork.

Despite this, Thymesia It’s not much more than a pretty and fun game. There is no incentive to explore dungeons, different armor is required, and the lack of multiplayer is felt, especially for those who find it difficult to defeat bosses in games of this genre.

If you like a soul-like game and don’t mind the low pay, Thymesia It might be a good title for you. Just don’t go potty too thirsty.

The game is reviewed on PS5 with code provided by Team17 Digital.

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