Three games are free on the Epic Games Store – check it out and redeem it on your account!

The games can be used until next Thursday, July 7

Geneforge 1 – A mutagenHood: Outlaws & Legends and Iratus: Lord of the Dead Here are this week’s free games to redeem Epic Games Store and two of them (Eratus and geneforge) let it go macOS beyond windows. Free games can be purchased until next Thursday, July 7th, and will remain in your account forever after redemption.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Developed by the studio frozen and spreads Daedelic entertainmentreleased April 22, 2020.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends was developed digital juiceResponsible for games like Sackboy: The Great Adventure and Sonic & All-Stars Race TransformedThe publication was made Focus on entertainmentThe game was released on May 10, 2021.

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen developed and published Spiderweb software and was released on February 24, 2021.

See below for more information on the games.

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Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a tactical roguelike turn-based RPG set in a dark fantasy world. You will have to lead an army of the dead to help a necromancer who is trying to reach the surface and bring death to the world of the living.

Multiplayer PvPvE matches set in a violent medieval world, your goal is to defeat rival gangs in heists. You’ll be able to sneak around or jump straight into battle. Do you have what you need with the riches you have acquired?

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An exclusive fantasy open world RPG set in a foreign land. Use battles or cunning to change the world and enlist the help of mutant monsters to customize your army. The game has many abilities, treasures, factions and creations. You will have unparalleled freedom to play as many times as you want in the epic story.

Remembering this Geneforge 1 – A mutagenHood: Outlaws & Legends and Iratus: Lord of the Dead Can be redeemed on your account Epic Games Store until July 7 at 12:00 PM Brazilian time.

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